Mathemagics Quest App Review

Want your child to master multiplication in a fun way? To learn not only multiplying but also to substituting the necessary factors and solve the simplest equations?

It couldn’t be easier – install the Mathemagics Quest gaming app from the Slim Cricket team, known for their educational products for children.

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The villain stole all the numbers while the schoolboy was sleeping. The boy will have to go on a journey through strange dungeons and other mysterious places to free his friends.

He begins his journey with three lives, and the attackers try to bite and stab him. Tap on them to break them. The more powerful the enemy is, the more times you need to tap to destroy it before the hero gets close. But now the boy comes to a pit – in order to throw a log over it, to pass, he needs to solve a mathematical problem.


The correctly solved one gives a passage through the obstacle and plus one life. The tasks are not all simple. At the initial stage, you just need to multiply two numbers. Then choose the required term or factor inequality. To lower some of the logs, you need to place bobs of equal weight on both ends.

Attackers are getting faster and more complex. They attack from the ground and the sky and spill out from unexpected places. The higher the level, the more fun the game is. At the end of each level, the child meets one of the stolen numbers in the form of a wonderfully animated character.


Still, the player doesn’t have to solve puzzles too often. Your child will like this if he is not a big math lover. For most of the game, he just plays, wandering amid entertaining locations. However, after passing each location, fifteen tasks are solved. This is how, imperceptibly for himself, the child develops his math skills.

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In addition, this adventure game has a nice design, entertaining animations, and a very funny soundtrack and effects. Help your child develop mathematically with Mathemagics Quest.