10 No crop apps for Instagram to upload full picture

Do you want to make your Instagram profile much more appealing to the eye? If you do, this post is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

The thing is that we have reviewed unique apps that will let you load photos to Instagram without cropping them. By the way, there are several decisions of this problem. Thus, creating collages, adding frames and backgrounds, and so on, will help you avoid cropping your amazing photos. It remains to choose the most suitable tool.

Following the links below, you will be able to install apps from the App Store or Google Play. These useful apps will undoubtedly become your assistants in attracting more followers due to the flawless Instagram content.

1. Square Quick

Square QuickCan’t you imagine your Instagram profile without cropped photos? Due to this great app, you will not have to crop photos anymore.

Square Quick will instantly turn your photo into a square one. You will be able to do it in several ways.

First of all, your photo will be applied to the background representing this very photo but blurred. Be sure that it will look quite appealing.

Secondly, the app has an excellent collection of backgrounds that will complete any of your photos. Moreover, the choice is great, so you will find a suitable background for sure.

Thirdly, creating collages will be available as well. By doing this, you will protect your photos from cropping and also load several photos at once.

Apart from this, the app offers its users many powerful tools for editing photos. Also, you will have access to more than 50 photo effects as well as funny stickers to apply to your photo.

Besides, if you prefer adding text to a photo, this app will suit you best. That’s true, it has this feature as well. So it seems that there is nothing impossible in this app.

Finally, you will be instantly able to share your masterpiece via social media, including Instagram.

Square Quick

GooglePlay App Store

2. Cymera Camera – Collage, Selfie Camera, Pic Editor

Cymera CameraThe next app on our list is called Cymera Camera. You can’t imagine how multifunctional it is. We highly recommend you to install this app to make yourself sure.

First of all, the app will let you refuse from cropping photos forever. It is capable of adapting your photo for Instagram and other popular social media.

Like in the previous apps, creating collages will be a great idea to keep your photo full-sized. By the way, they will be fully adjustable. That’s why this feature will be dear to everyone’s taste.

Apart from this, the app’s users can always use dozens of backgrounds, layouts, and frames. These features will make your photos even more unique.

As for additional features, the app will become your stylist and plastic surgeon as well. Thus, you will be able to apply virtual makeup and hairstyles, retouch your face, and even correct your body. The capabilities will be really endless.

Also, the app will be great in the field of editing photos. You will be able to use any of the hundreds of tools, filters, and other facilities.

But even without these features, your photo will be perfect due to the built-in fascinating camera lenses. Thus, your device camera quality will be improved greatly.

Then, you will be able to post your full-sized photo into Instagram at once.

Cymera Camera

GooglePlay App Store

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3. Snapseed

Snapseed It’s not a secret that Snapseed is considered to be one of the best apps in editing photos. And it also has a feature capable of solving your problem.

Well, as for the No-cropping feature, in this case, you will be able to use frames. They will be fully adjustable. No matter what your requirements are, the app is capable of handling absolutely everything.

Besides, the app has so many wonderful features for editing photos. They can’t be listed here due to their quantity, but believe us that you will definitely like them.

One more thing that you will like here is the user interface. Every action will be convenient for you, even when using an app on a mobile phone.

What else about the user-friendly interface. You can load a photo instantly to Instagram or other social media.


GooglePlay App Store

4. Squaready

Squaready If you are searching for an app that focuses mostly on the no-cropping feature, Squaready will be the best choice for you. Though the app is with no-frills, it will be so effective in keeping your photo full-sized.

The app’s user will be able to choose a background of any color or select a photo for this purpose. This photo can be both original or blurry, depending on your wish.

Also, you will have access to overlays that are fully adjustable. It is one more feature that will let you adapt your photo for Instagram format.

Apart from this, this app has a set of tools to edit a photo. Moreover, they can replace tools of any other cutting-edge app.


GooglePlay App Store

5. Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage

Instasize: Photo Editor + CollageInstasize: Photo Editor + CollageThe last app both for Android and iOS is Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage. It is also very efficient, being one of the best no-cropping apps.

First of all, the simplest way to keep your photo full-sized is to use a feature that will adapt your photo for formats of all popular social media. As for Instagram, you will be able to adapt your photo for a post as well as Stories.

Then, you will be able to use various backgrounds. The app will suggest dozens of patterned backgrounds or just colorful ones. If you don’t like them (which is unlikely), you can use any photo of yours. Just turn your fantasy on and start to create.

The app has a distinguishing feature. It will help you to avoid cropping not only photos but videos as well. As you can see, even a video can be applied on a bright background. Keep in mind that not every app supports this feature.

This tool can be appropriate when creating collages too. It will allow you to kill two birds with one stone: to save the original size of the photo as well as to enlarge the number of photos posted at once.

As for other features, they are mostly designed for editing photos. Together with the no-cropping feature, they form a really outstanding app.

Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage

GooglePlay App Store

6. InSquare Pic – Photo Editor, No Crop, Collage

InSquare Pic InSquare Pic is the app that has been developed for Android gadgets only.

To protect your precious photos from cropping, the app suggests several features. The first one is the Pattern. When using it, you will be able to apply your photo to a bright background or frame. Regardless of your taste, you will surely find something suitable for you.

Besides, the app’s users can create collages too. You simply need to choose a template and photos. By the way, you will be able to add up to 20 photos to your collage.

Finally, decorate your photo with text and stickers, and it will be ready for being posted on Instagram.

InSquare Pic


7. InSquarer – No Crop for Instagram

InSquarer - No Crop As for an alternative from the App Store, you can try this brilliant app. InSquarer – No Crop for Instagram will become your useful assistant.

To put it shortly, you will be able to keep your photo full-sized by applying it on a background. It can be any color, pre-loaded pattern, or even a photo from your phone gallery. Anyway, you will enjoy the result.

Ine more thing that you will like is the app’s user interface. The Redo and Undo buttons will make it even more convenient to use.

InSquarer - No Crop

App Store

8. Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Square InPic Need something more from Google Play? Here you are. The developers of Square InPic have done their best to make the app meet your expectations.

As for the No-cropping feature, the app’s users will have access to creating collages. Owing to this feature, your photos will remain full-sized.

Like in the previous apps, you will also be able to apply your photo to a background. Just chose its color or load a photo from your gallery and blur it. It will be a great job.

What else makes your photo outstanding is the pack of efficient tools. Everything you need will be at your fingertips.

Square InPic


9. No Crop for Instagram

No Crop for Instagram If you are an iOS device user, here is the app that you will appreciate for sure. It is called No Crop for Instagram.

The way it works is extremely simple. The app will automatically use your photo as a background as well. To make it look more attractive, it will blur a background. The result will be fantastic.

As for additional features, funny stickers and awesome filters are waiting for you.

No Crop for Instagram

App Store

10. No Crop & Square for Instagram

No Crop & Square for InstagramUndeniably, this app for Android can be called all-in-one. At the same time, it will help you to post full-sized photos to your Instagram.

With the help of No Crop & Square for Instagram, you won’t have your photos cropped anymore. Every of your photo will be applied to a white background. It will be a perfect solution if you like minimalism.

In case you want something additional, this very feature will meet your requirements. By saying this, we mean a colorful background. Moreover, you will be able to use any photo from your gallery for this purpose. But it won’t strike the eye too much. Because it will be blurry. This trick will make your photo look quite stylish.

Furthermore, you will have more than 200 pre-loaded backgrounds at your fingertips. We guess that they will be surprisingly suitable whatever the photo.

One more feature that will be available and let you avoid cropping photos is photo collages. By grouping photos together with the help of unique templates, you will keep your photos full-sized.

As a bonus, you will be able to use the app’s other features, such as hundreds of stickers, photo effects, stickers, and so on. Adding text will be available as well.

After completing, you can share your photo with friends from the app directly.

No Crop & Square for Instagram


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