9 Best Mirror apps for Android & iOS

Nowadays, it is necessary to be on the ball every time. This applies to our appearance as well. So you always have to take a mirror with you, which is not convenient at all. Much better is to use your phone instead.

Of course, you can use your phone camera as a mirror. But to be honest, the image can be distorted greatly. The best alternative is mirror apps that are capable of substituting a real mirror.

Here is the list of the best mirror apps available on the App Store or Google Play. Install them in order to look resplendent at any time.

1. Mirror

MirrorLet’s start with the most top-rated apps. The Mirror app is the leader among them. Why is it considered to be the best?

The main reason for its popularity is its built-in high-quality mirror. Due to it, you will be able to see every little detail in the reflection. For better results, the app supports the Freezing view feature. It will let you put your face on flawlessly. 

Apart from this, you will be able to zoom in and out the image, adjust brightness, and even lighten the screen when it’s dark. 

Besides, by using this very app, you will be able to take a selfie as well. One more nice extra is that the app supports live horizontal flipping.

Finally, changing the resolution of the mirror will be available as well. It will be appropriate depending on your purpose of using this mirror app. 



2. Mirror ◎

Mirror The next app on our list is also called Mirror. But at this time, it will be available for iOS device users only.

There is no doubt that the app is appreciated by millions of people from all over the world. What is the secret of its success?

To begin with, the app will provide you with a great mirror of high resolution. So you will get an accurate view of yourself. Be sure that the image won’t be distorted at all.

As for the app’s features, you will be able to zoom in the image up to 4x as well as zoom it out for a better view.

Also, you will always have access to the Flashlight mode that will let you use the virtual mirror and see your reflection even when it’s dark.


App Store

3. Mirror – Makeup and Shaving – Compact mirror

Mirror - Makeup and ShavingOne more cutting-edge mirror app is Mirror – Makeup and Shaving. Owing to this app, you will also have a multifunctional mirror at your fingertips.

First of all, the app’s interface is considered to be a user-friendly one. By saying this, we mean that it will be extremely easy to control the light by taps only.

Apart from this, you will also have access to such a tool as zooming. Thus, the app will be even better than the real mirror.

Additionally, it must be mentioned that the app works perfectly in the darkness. Nothing will prevent you from seeing yourself when it’s dark.

This very app also supports the Image freezing feature. So you will be able to zoom an image tight in the app.

Besides, if you pay attention even to small details, the app will surprise you for sure. The thing is that you will be able to customize the app fully even by changing the icons’ color.

The main distinguishing feature is that the app will allow you to take selfies and share them directly from the app. Keep in mind that not every app capable of doing this.

By the way, it must be mentioned that the developers constantly improve this app. Thus, the 3D photo feature is about to be added. Believe us that it will be something amazing.

Mirror - Makeup and Shaving


4. @Mirror

@Mirror@Mirror is one more app that will be dear to your taste. Dozens of functions will be available for you after installing this great app.

First of all, like the previous apps, this one has a built-in mirror available at every moment. Moreover, its high-quality resolution is something worth being praised.

Then, the app’s main distinguishing feature is its capability of zooming in images up to 8x. It is a great advantage when you have an opportunity to look at something thoroughly. The Image freezing feature will also help you in this matter.

As for other features, the app will be quite suitable for taking selfies and instantly editing them. So there is no need to use numerous apps. After editing (or even drawing on the photos), you will be able to save an image to the Camera Roll and then share it via social media.

As for the convenience for users, the app is really outstanding. For example, the app includes a sliding bar and pinching control for the zoom. Apart from this, you will only need to shake your phone to reset the status of the App or to go back to the main screen. That’s really amazing.

And finally, its interface is rotatable. So you will be able to use the app whatever the position.

You will also like the fact that the app supports many languages including the most popular European and Asian ones.

In addition, you will have access to dozens of videos with tips on how to look flawless. This app is really all-in-one.

As for disadvantages, the Night Mode, unfortunately, it will be available for the Premium users only. Also, you won’t be able to adjust the light.


App Store

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5. Mirror – Makeup and shaving with Real light mirror

MirrorThe Mirror app must be included in our list of the best apps as well. It will let you turn your daily routine into enjoyable moments.

As for the app’s features, they are quite similar to the previous apps. To put it shortly, such features as zooming, image freezing, and light control will allow you to look fantastic.

As for the light control, you will be able to use only 3 modes: Night mode, Bright mode (when there is too much light), and Normal mode.

The app supports LED lights as well, which are considered to be the best for applying make-up, shaving, having hairdo, and so on. That is why the app will become a brilliant tool for these purposes.



6. Mirror App : Beauty Makeup Mirror & Light Zoom Cam

Mirror App : Beauty Makeup Mirror & Light Zoom Cam Mirror App : Beauty Makeup Mirror & Light Zoom Cam seems to be like the previous apps. Nevertheless, it is really unique.

Well, its basic features are the same: the app will provide you with a very convenient mirror. Its resolution quality is quite high. Also, with the help of the Light control feature, you will be able to choose the most suitable lighting for you.

Let’s better consider some distinguishing features. First of all, you will be able to open any photo from your gallery and use it when applying makeup. As you can see, this image can be used as a makeup tutorial. Moreover, for your convenience, you will be able to resize, zoom, rotate, and move this image. That sounds really great!

What is more, you will have access to dozens of Live Filters. They can be applied both to the Mirror or Selfie Mode.

As for Selfie, the app will let you take selfies and share them instantly from the app.

But that’s not half of the story. One more great feature is that the app works in collaboration with full screen mirroring. Sometimes it is really necessary. You will hardly ever find a mirror app with this feature.

What else makes the app more priceless is that it includes a widget that can be added on your Home Screen for quicker access.

Mirror App : Beauty Makeup Mirror & Light Zoom Cam

App Store

7. Makeup Mirror

Makeup MirrorOne more excellent app is from Google Play. The developers have done their best to make the Makeup Mirror app best of the best.

Its basic features are quite similar. Thus, you will have access to a mirror with amazing image visibility. Furthermore, the app can be used as a mirror even in a dark due to its Light frame.

As usual, you will be able to zoom the image in and out as well as freeze it. Finally, the app will allow you to take selfies in the app directly.

The app’s user interface is something that must be mentioned as well. What makes it more convenient to use is On Screen feature and gesture controls.

Makeup Mirror


8. Makeup Mirror – Vanity Mirror In Pocket

Makeup Mirror

Makeup Mirror – Vanity Mirror In Pocket is the next app to be reviewed. It will be a good alternative to the previous apps.

Well, this very app has all the basic features of any other mirror app. Besides access to the mirror itself, you will be able to zoom your reflection instantly, flip it left or right, and even take selfies.

As you can see, the app is with no-frills. Thus, it will be appropriate for those who are searching for the simplest app.

Makeup Mirror

App Store

9. Mirror

MirrorThe last but not least app is called Mirror. It is famous for its additional features.

Nevertheless, let’s start with its basic features. The app has a built-in mirror of high resolution that will become your assistant at every moment. By only one tap, you can adjust lights (including Night mode) as well as zoom the image in or out.

For better results, the Image freezing feature will help you to become flawless.

Besides, with the help of the app, you will be able to take selfies. By the way, they will be saved into the app’s gallery.

Now it’s high time for the app’s distinguishing feature. The thing is that it supports 3D viewing. That is why you will be able to view yourself from every angle.

As a bonus, the app supports more than 15 languages. It is a sure sign that the app is so appreciated by users from all over the world.



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