11 Best Counting Camera Apps for Android & iOS

We are going to take a look at the best solutions for your smartphones in this article. In addition, we also would like to suggest you use the camera one more way. You may check the Best Spy Camera Detector Apps article for more details.

If you ever experience the need to take inventory or count the number of people in a crowd, these apps are just right for you. So, let’s proceed with a review of the best programs.

1. ‎Count This – Counting App

The first tool on our list is quite multitasking. So, users download this app to count various things and objects. For example, you can use it to count building materials, car supplies, books on a shelf, and even any other random objects. And all the counting is performed by artificial intelligence, which determines the number of things in just one touch.

All you need to do is to point the camera at the stack of objects concerned, and the program takes care of everything for you. You will see how boards, flasks, or pallets are numbered. This way, everyone can check how accurately the program works. It is worth noting that the program also works with the photos in your gallery.

Select a photo and the program does the work. In addition, the app has a data-saving feature that allows the user to save their progress or transfer it to another device. All data you see are in separate folders along with the data.

In addition, you can export them in various formats convenient for you. Overall, the application is a simple and convenient tool for tracking and counting objects surrounding you.

‎Count This - Counting App1
App Store
Google Play

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2. Count Things Object Counter

The following application on our list is notable for its simplicity. It has just one essential function. Like the last app, this is a great option for those who want to use the advanced features of the phone to count different items.

The whole process here is just a simple snap. The program also offers a short description of examples of photos that can interfere with a quality count.

Count Things Object Counter2
App Store

3. COUNTiT – Snap, Count & Share

This program is ideal for warehouse and factory workers. The program’s functions are probably most appropriate for handling the same type of items. However, it can be much more functional and accurate than other analogs because of its power to determine the shape of the objects.

It may be something round in different sizes or square. There is also a template for pipes and license plates. This way you merely open your smartphone camera and start counting with a regular tap on the screen. This is why the program will allow you to send a photo along with the geo-position.

This is done for better control and organization of your files. You can save or share the image on social networks and messengers.

COUNTiT - Snap, Count & Share3
App Store
Google Play

4. ‎People Counter By AI

Today we also would like to talk about another tool that is applied to counting people. Generally, a great tool to keep track of how many people have managed to enter a room in a certain amount of time. The working principle here is a little bit different. A user can set the time and just leave the phone in a particular place.

So the program takes care of all the calculations. Another difference is the Notifications tab, where you can set the time interval after which the beep will sound. In addition, there is a place for statistics in which the program notes the number of incoming and outgoing people. And you can view the statistics in the form of a graph or a sheet.

Besides in settings, there are some indicators which you can adjust to your situation. The app also offers a battery-saving mode, which you might want to use to turn off your screen.

‎People Counter By AI4
App Store

5. CountClusters

This is an application that is mainly used to detect objects in a photo. The app may be employed in various fields, such as business, science, and engineering, to save time. The program has diverse functions, for example, you can import a photo or use the camera in real-time. You may use the data settings for a more accurate calculation.

In addition, there is a friendly user interface that is intuitive and understandable. Also, to optimize photo analysis, the program offers to choose a template. That is, the objects it analyzes. For example, you can choose to count coins, lines on the page, notebook keys, and many other small objects.

The application can also provide a kind of report and visualizations that outline the results. So, the program will deliver a finished photo with the counting data. Afterward, you can save it to your device.

CountThings from Photos5
App Store
Google Play

6. Object Counter By Camera

This app is designed to count the number of objects in a photo or video. Its working principle is simple. You need to open the application and click just one button. Also, select the source from which the image will be obtained. So you can choose an image from the gallery, capture it with your camera or use a video clip.

After you have completed the steps, you will get an analysis. It will automatically highlight all the objects in the image and start counting their number. If there are several objects in the image, you can manually add some points of characteristic for a certain type of object.

The application also allows you to set your limit for the number of objects in the frame. All counting results will be displayed on the screen. You can also save the results as a text file and share them with other users. It is also suitable for processing a large volume of photos or videos.

So there is an area analysis function. In this case, the application will process only the part of the image where the objects are, making it much easier to work with large amounts of data. In addition, the functionality of the application can be extended by installing additional plug-ins.

Object Counter By Camera6
Google Play

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7. Pilleye – tablet, pill counter

You probably have had times when you feel the need to count the pills in your home pharmacy. Well, this app comes to the rescue. The counting feature in this app is for those who want to keep track of different things.

Its functions are not much different from its counterparts. However, it specializes in pills of different shapes and sizes, which gives more accurate results. In addition, all your data will be protected. You can create an account and access it from other devices.

Also, it can remind you to take your medication. It is enough to set reminders for the time of taking the drug. This ensures that you do not miss doses and will follow the recommended treatment regimen. You can also track your results, effectiveness, and how your body is feeling.

Pilleye – tablet, pill counter7
Google Play

8. Easy Counting

We would like to present another application. First of all, it displays the number of objects. It shows the total number of objects entered by the user. However, if the program has made a mistake you can delete the objects. You can also change the number of individual objects by manually increasing or decreasing their number.

In addition, the application saves all objects and their quantity when you exit the application. So you do not have to worry about deleting data. Furthermore, each object here has a market with a specific color to make the results more accurate.

Also, the application has two display modes called list and grid, so you can choose the most convenient option to display objects. In addition, there is a keyword search available. Like other programs, it supports importing and exporting data to use the data on different devices.

Easy Counting8
Google Play

9. CountThings By Camera

CountThings By Camera is an Android camera app for counting objects. It has several attractive features. First, it identifies the things you would like to count. This function works using a unique code in the program. Secondly, the program keeps track of the objects that reach into the camera’s area of view.

The data regarding the number of objects is then transmitted to the screen of the device. In addition, you can customize the application for a particular task by selecting some parameters. This feature also allows you to optimize the program for your camera and conditions.

Afterward, all data is saved for further analysis. Thus, it allows you to manage the data obtained from object scanning, as well as share this data with other users.

CountThings By Camera9
App Store
Google Play

10. Photo Coin Counter (Photocoin)

If you are into numismatics, then this is a wonderful tool for counting coins. It lets you quickly determine the number of coins in a photo. You can also simply upload a picture and the app will automatically analyze it and export the number of coins. It also has an exciting option to calculate the amount of money on the screen.

You can select the currency you would like to use and the app will automatically calculate the total amount. Also, the tool is helpful for those who enjoy statistics. It analyzes past usage requests, allowing you to view the history of your coin calculations.

In addition, the app also enables you to convert the amount calculated in one currency to another. Also, it is worth saying that the program has a simple and intuitive interface. You can add and delete coins with one click. The final results you share with friends or saved to your device.

Photo Coin Counter (Photocoin)10
App Store

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11. CamCounter Lite

The last application in our review is a simple and convenient way to count objects in a video recording. It is designed for those who deal with video security and want to quickly and accurately estimate the number of things in the recording.

First of all, it includes the ability to import video files from the gallery of the device, set the object detection zone, and set the frame for counting. The program also offers the ability to set the number of steps to counter as an individual object.

Once all the settings are adjusted, the app starts counting the number of objects automatically and displays the result on the screen of the device. After all, anyone can work with this application and customize it to their needs because it has a simple, intuitive interface. Overall, it is a versatile tool for use in a variety of fields.

CamCounter Lite11
App Store