7 Best Selfie Beauty Camera Apps for Android & iOS

You have probably experienced a problem like this when you would like to take a picture with filters that are already attached. There is a solution. Today we have gathered the top best apps that will take beautiful selfies, remove imperfections and show the advantages.

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1. ‎BeautyPlus-Edit, Retouch, Filter

This app offers you simple but effective photo editing tools, artistic effects, augmented reality filters, and many other features to enhance your selfies. In addition, the app allows you to perform quality facial and body sculpting. You can easily trim areas of your skin and change shape and volume.

Also, the app has many filters and stickers to help you decorate your photo and add color to the background. All the photo editing tools are in handy folders to help you quickly navigate and find the tools you need. In addition, the app has an auto-edit feature for your photo.

You will be able to add your remarks on how you want to edit your photos and use the function with your selected tools. In addition, the app supports the night photo function, which helps you to take a picture even in total darkness.

Also, the app has standard photoshop features and has interesting functions to remove people in a photo and to draw out objects.

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2. ‎B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor

This app will help you take selfies and edit them instantly, thanks to its range of tools. In addition, the app will help you make collages out of photos and short videos. You can also apply filters to them to enhance the picture. The main feature of this app is that you will be able to communicate with your friends directly in the app in comic book format.

You will be able to add friends to the app and send them photos and videos with captions and stickers. In addition, the app has many tools to help you enhance your skin, from natural to glamorous. Besides, the app has an automatic photo and video editing feature.

In a single click, you can retouch your skin, enhance your eyes, correct your figure and add effects. Also, at any stage of editing, you can view the original photo and compare the editing. Also, the app will help you adjust the size and aspect ratio for social media.

B612 Camera2
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3. ‎‎YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor

This app is perfect for situations where you do not have time to put on make-up but wants to take beautiful selfies. The app has many ready-made solutions that you can apply to your photo. You can choose from over 15 ready-made looks that you can use and try on your photos.

Also, the app offers you the option to create your make-up and save it for later automatic use. In addition, in the app, you will be able to edit your face and change the shape of your cheekbones, face, jaw, and forehead. Besides that, you will be able to use concealer and instantly remove pimples, blackheads, blemishes, and dark circles.

Also, the app has many fashionable and beautiful hairstyles that you will be able to try on. You can play with the colors of your hair by using a realistic coloring tool. It is worth noting that the app does its job quite well and it is possible to take the cosmetic you have done in the app for a real one.

‎YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor3
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4. InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera

This app features a built-in camera that helps you create a beautiful photo quickly. It already has a filter that discreetly smooths out tone, removes unevenness, and slightly embellishes your look. There is also a theme filter that you can choose from to set the mood of the pic. In addition, there are filters for your face.

For example, you can make your face look smaller and thinner, or resize your eyes and nose. For this purpose, there are special sliders that can be used to edit the intensity of the filters and tools. In addition, the app offers you the possibility to edit a photo that is already in your gallery.

Here you can try out different ready-made make-up and see if it suits you or your outfit. You can also test different makeup products, such as foundation, lipstick color, rosy cheeks, eyebrows, or glitter. Here, you can also improve your face not only in photos but also in videos. There is a whole collection of hundreds of filters and cosmetics.

InstaBeauty - Makeup Camera4
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5. Cartoon yourself: Sweet Selfie

The main unusual feature of this app is that you can turn your photos into cartoon images in various styles you like. When you enter the app, you are greeted by a sort of ready-made cartoon filter that you can apply to your photo. The app also gives you a lot of different styles and you can search for your favorite ones.

Also, the app has standard tools to help you enhance your photos and even blur them. There is also an attractive feature in the app that can help you rejuvenate your photos. With this feature, you can look at yourself at different ages. The app also supports editing selfies and applying filters to your selfies.

It gives you full discretion, allowing you to apply filters to different video frames and edit them as you like. It also helps you edit your videos and has many quick features to speed up your editing.

Cartoon yourself: Sweet Selfie6
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6. Persona: Beauty Camera

This is an app in which you can try out different styles. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best. There are also several sections to help you decide what you would like to do with your photo. In addition, there are previews in each section so that you can see how a particular filter works.

On top of that, you can use retouching here for example to add tanning or change your skin tone. It is also possible to change the proportions of your face, for example, to widen your eyes or lips, to sharpen your chin, or to reshape your nose. In addition, you can change your hairstyles, such as trying a wavy bob or a long straight hairstyle.

You can also try changing different parts of your body, legs, or hips. In addition, the app is famous for its art effects that help you find a unique style. You can also see what you would look like as a cartoon character, comic book character, or Hollywood star.

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7. MakeupPlus – Virtual Makeup

This program is a free photoshop and beautiful selfies maker. The editor has two main functions: retouching your photos and editing your photo online using the front camera. So, here an unremarkable photo can be turned into something beautiful. In addition, there is a face retouching function that will reshape your face.

So, you can adjust the features of the face, chin, nose, bridge of nose, eyes, lips, and so on. It also allows you to choose the shape of your eyebrows, and apply shadow, lipstick, tone, blush, and much more. There is a huge collection of filters, which gives the user a chance to try any kind of makeup.

In addition, it is very convenient that everything can be adjusted in terms of intensity. In addition, there is a palette of colors and shades to suit all tastes. You can apply unusual filters, and try on different bows, pins, ears, and a variety of additional tricks to embellish the image.

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