5 Best Mole Checker Apps (Android & iOS)

As we all know, skin cancer and melanoma specialists advise you to check yourself monthly from top to bottom to detect the signs of malignant diseases. After all, skin cancer is quite common and dangerous. That is why today we have gathered the top best apps to check your moles.

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1. ‚ÄéMoleScope

This app is designed to give you some peace of mind and control over your moles and spots from time to time. The app has quite exciting functionality that enables you to use the service conveniently and monitor your body. When you log into the app, you see a 3D map of your body.

And you will be able to keep track of your birthmarks thanks to it. By taking photos of your moles and spots, the app will tag them on your 3d map. In addition, for each photo taken, the app instantly archives them, and you can track your treatment result and monitor the progress of the disease.

The app is compatible with the dermatoscopy device, which will allow the doctors to validate your sore. In addition, the app has a consultation option with experienced doctors, allowing you to consult on your worries and discuss your skin.

Also, the app will motivate you and send notifications that a skin photo is required. This ensures that you will not forget to take a picture so that you can track your results more clearly.

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2. Miiskin Skin Tracker & eHealth

This digital platform will help you regularly monitor changes in your skin and keep track of even the smallest changes. The app includes a fantastically convenient Mole Sizing feature that allows you to measure moles or formations on your skin using a reference object, such as a coin.

Using your phone’s camera, you will be able to take a picture of your mole next to a coin acting as a reference object, which is recognized using built-in augmented reality technology. After that, you will need to describe which kind of coin you are using and a brief description of the outer outline of the mole.

After that, the app will instantly measure your skin conditions and record them within the app. Also, the app has standard features to help you keep track of your skin conditions. You can send or share your photos via email. In addition, you can also set up a pin code inside the app, which will keep your data secure.

Besides, the app has a lot of articles and information about skin health and moles. You can learn in detail about therapy and dermatology, skin self-examination, skin cancer prevention, and symptoms.

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3. AI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner

This is an innovative app that gives you the ability to monitor your skin health and detect any unusual and worrying conditions on your skin. With this app, you will be able to take pictures of skin spots, birthmarks, moles, and other skin conditions.

In addition, all of your photos will be stored within the app, making it easy for you to keep track of your skin conditions. The app will send you reminders when you need to take a new photo. In addition, the app will provide a baseline and follow-up trend, so you can start tracking your skin conditions.

Likewise, the app will give you a summary of your skin and let you know the results. In addition, you can add your notes to each photo you take so that you can follow your progress more clearly.

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4. Scanoma mole check dermatology

Ordinary moles are harmless. You can live with them all your life, although some are malignant. This app can tell you a lot more about their nature. In addition, it is also a collection of various articles that help you learn more about skin, diseases, and ways to stay healthy.

In addition, there is a whole collection of images of moles with which you can compare your moles. There is also an assistant here to help you keep track of the condition of your skin and the moles on it. In addition, this is also a place where you can store images of examinations that you can pass every month.

So, it will help you to identify problem areas in your body and visit a doctor in time. Moreover, the program allows users to anonymously send a photo to a certified dermatologist, who responds within a certain time.

Thus, you will receive a response with a preliminary diagnosis showing whether you need to consult a doctor immediately or whether you are safe.

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5. Skin Check: Dermatology App

This app will tell you the nature of your moles in no time. It takes just a few steps to determine the nature of your moles and whether they are dangerous or not. Here, you have to register quickly and fill in some information about yourself. Then, the app will ask you to take a clear photo of the problem area.

Since this program is specifically designed for consumers looking for information about skin health, here you can describe the problem in sufficient detail and quickly get an answer. Also, there is a ready list of symptoms among which you can choose something that you have.

After all, you may not even know that some things can be dangerous syndromes sometimes. In addition, at all stages, the app attaches detailed instructions that you can follow. Besides, there is also a video tutorial that shows you an example of how to use the app correctly.

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