8 Apps to Detect Skin Cancer Melanoma Early

There is a rapidly growing interest in diagnosing cancer in its early stages. This is due to the aggravation of the cancer situation and the increase in the number of benign and malignant tumors. A set of diagnostic measures is necessary to accurately determine the presence of cancer.

However, it is often possible to detect dangerous changes in the body through elementary tests or basic apps. Take care of yourself and check out our selection of the best apps to check your skin. In addition, we suggest referring to a similar article titled Best Skin Analysis Apps.

1. Miiskin Skin Tracker & eHealth

This app will help you keep track of your skin condition, as well as monitor changes in your moles. It is worth noting that the app does not analyze people’s moles for skin cancer, but only helps you keep track of your skin by keeping your diary. Thanks to this app, you will be able to take pictures of your skin and you can also assess its condition.

The app gives you a diary that you can maintain during your treatment. Also, the app allows you to compare your photos with each other, thanks to a handy feature. In addition, the camera in the app can help you measure your moles and injuries, and then you can write down your notes in your diary.

In addition, you can take selfies from different angles in a matter of seconds to track on areas of your skin, for example, acne or skin care product effects. The app fully encrypts your images taken within the service, so you do not have to worry about your privacy.

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2. emdee Skin

This app is a medical service that allows you to get a reliable skin evaluation in just seconds. You may also keep your diary and record how you feel as well as add photos when checking your skin.

In addition, the app has many features such as skin risk assessments, skin type surveys, saving your moles, and accessing UV information.

Moreover, the app gives you various tips to help you determine the condition of your skin. It is worth noting that the service only aids you to identify skin cancer and does not diagnose or replace a visit to the doctor.

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3. Sola: Sun UV & Vitamin D Timer

It is important to know that although the sun and vitamin D are great for the human body, they can also cause cancer and melanoma.

Provide information about yourself and the specifics of your skin so that the app can calculate how much vitamin D you should receive per day.

To control the reception of UV radiation, you can download this app. It receives information about the weather outside from the Internet and monitors your stay under the rays of the sun.

When your UV rate is obtained, you get notifications that you should hide in the shade or go indoors, because further sun exposure can harm your health.

The app has a modern minimalistic design. It is very easy to use, all the necessary functions are easy to find with a few taps on the screen.

Also, the possibility of getting skin cancer or melanoma increases significantly when you are constantly under the hot rays of the sun.

With this app, you will get a chance to monitor it and always know when UV radiation becomes dangerous.

Sola: Sun UV & Vitamin D Timer1

4. Aysa

This app is created to provide personalized answers to your concerns about your skin condition. To check your skin condition, you will need to take a photo of the affected skin area, after which the service will provide you with personalized, useful information about your symptoms.

The app will also ask you a few questions to help you identify your condition and the symptoms you have. In addition, you will be able to use your old pictures or upload any file to check skin areas for symptoms. At the same time, the app maintains complete confidentiality and does not share your data.

In addition, you will be able to find all skin types and signs of diseases in the image library. Moreover, all of the images in the application are provided with details that you can refer to.

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5. scanoma mole check dermatology

This app will help you determine your diagnosis as well as provide you with personalized advice. All you need to do to determine your symptoms is to scan your mole with the handy scanner function. Then the app will send the picture to the AI consultant and let you know if your shot looks like a confirmation of your symptoms.

It will also tell you a percentage of how similar your skin area is to your skin cancer symptoms. In addition, the program will refer you to qualified dermatologists, allowing you to get a professional opinion as well as to read your report.

In addition, the app allows you to send your problem skin areas directly to your doctor. It is worth noting that the app is not suitable for children under the age of 13.

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6. ‎‎DermoApp: Skincancer detection

This is another application that is worth having. It has similar features to its analogs, but for some users, it is more suitable in terms of its simplicity. First of all, it is developed for quick self-analysis. To do this, you need to pick up your smartphone and take a photo of an area of your skin that you are concerned about.

After that, the app does all the work for you. That way, you get a percentage result indicating the risk of a particular disease.

For example, if you take a picture of a perfectly healthy mole, the app would tell you that you have nothing to worry about. However, if the app detects a risk, it will tell you about melanoma. There is also a quick guide with the steps you need to take as soon as possible.

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7. Skin Check: Dermatology App

This app provides you with an online dermatologist tool that allows you to identify your skin conditions. To specify your skin conditions you will need to take a picture of your affected skin areas. Then the app allows you to determine your diagnosis.

It is worth noting that your images are examined by specialists rather than artificial intelligence, allowing you to get a clearer and more detailed answer. In addition, by taking the mini-test, you will be able to provide more information to the specialist, which will help the dermatologist determine the skin condition.

Besides, you can store your scans directly in the app and add your impressions to them. The app will also give you a regular checkup of your scans and a detailed answer about your condition. Thanks to scheduled notifications, the app makes sure you will not forget about your next checkup.

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8. Skin-Check 

This is a cool app that allows users to self-examine themselves for skin cancer. In addition, there is a skin diary showing suspicious areas and moles on the skin. Moreover, this program explains step by step how to check your skin and what you should pay attention to. It has a unique tutorial to help you take the proper photo for analysis.

In addition, the app offers a built-in calculator that determines your risk of melanoma. After the tests, you can store photos with notes in a special archive, which can be found on the main page of the app. There are also a couple of articles with photos to help you find a similar growth, mole, or spot on your body.

In addition, the app describes the warning signs and symptoms of a particular disease. So you can suspect that something wrong is going on in your body and consult a doctor in time.

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