13 Fake Money Transfer Generator Apps for Android & iOS

Today we will tell you about the programs that will help you prank your loved ones. They create fake checks, and receipts and show a false bank account.

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Best fake money transfer generator apps:

1. QuickReceipt

The program is originally a handy tool to create checks whatever you like. Thus you may use a little bit of your creativity to generate the proper forms of receipts. It has rather extensive functionality that provides its users with the ability to create and edit checks as they want. First things first, it is convenient to use ready-made templates.

There are a lot of them here. Consequently, you could select the right design that suits you best. In addition, here you can insert the necessary data and edit them as you wish. Even more, here is a simple file-saving system.

By doing so, you may save ready-made templates, edit them and send them to your email. In addition, you may feel free to add images, for example, different logos or distinctive marks.

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Google Play

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2. Receipt Maker – Sign & Send

This is another tool that will help you make fun of your friends. And it works on a variety of devices, both smartphones, and tablets. Here you may create fake checks and edit them in all kinds of ways. To start with, there is a simple interface that you can promptly get used to.

In addition, there is a detailed manual that will assist you to understand the tools that the app provides. There are also ready-made templates that are very similar to accurate receipts. In addition, you can edit them a little bit. Then you enter the necessary information to your liking. This uncomplicated process of creating checks is surprisingly handy.

Besides, you can save the finished result to your device and share it with your friends. You may also copy templates or receipts and create what you need even faster.

Receipt Maker2
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Google Play

3. Simple Invoice Maker by Billdu

This is an application with extensive functionality that helps its user to make and send fake invoices. It has a straightforward interface and is structured hence that it is easy to use without any sort of effort. Plus, it has pretty templates that make it eye-catching and more professional.

You can even import contacts into the phone field to make sending invoices easier. It also supports a logo and signature. That way, the checks look even more realistic. And you can add notes or comments to the receipt whenever you require to. In addition, this app may scan real checks and create virtual copies of them.

Hence, you can scan the check you want and edit it a little bit. Also, there is your library where you can set up some sort of folders. That way, you may organize your bills and checks. In addition, you can enter your personal information right in the settings so that your info is automatically entered. This makes the task easier and fast.

Simple Invoice Maker by Billdu3
App Store
Google Play

4. Receipts: create, print & mail

This application will allow you to easily create and mail receipts. The peculiarity of this program is that you do not need to fill out receipts and checks yourself. The service has many samples in which you fill in many fields, hence you can save time. So, you can produce nice and configured invoices using lovely layouts.

In addition, you can share the receipt directly from the app via email or messenger. In addition, the app allows you to export the receipt data into CSV files, so you may analyze the cash receipts in spreadsheet software.

Also, the app is easily customizable and has several features. You will be able to adjust the app to work with your preferred currency as well as the date and time format.

App Store

5. e-Receipt Maker

This is a real helper with your bills. You can make fake checks as well as real ones. In other words, it can be useful for creating the illusion that your checks are real. In addition, here you may track your real income and expenses for the month, quarter or year. And you can even make up a fake receipt.

Plus, it has a calendar to assist you to make up receipts for specific dates. All you have to do is to add all the details, including items, cash, names, and more. Besides, the app has a nice, non-distracting design. Also, you can add details and make personal notes.

e-Receipt Maker5
App Store

6. ‎FakeMoney – FakePay&Note Guide

This app is valid for creating fake invoices and sending them to friends and acquaintances. This app has some awesome features that provide an easy and powerful way to immediately create a receipt and send it. Plus, when you first log in, you will see how to use the app. Here are some instructions on how to use the app.

Perhaps the main feature of the app is that you may create fake bank accounts. So, your bank card balance can be much higher than it is. In addition, you can also pretend that you have transferred money to someone or that you have bought a particular product.

In addition, you can create here a QR code for some unreal product. Of course, this application is more suitable for pranks and does not provide any authentic receipts. Nevertheless, for not very attentive friends, it will be quite suitable.

FakeMoney – FakePay&Note Guide6
Google Play

7. TinyPOS: Bookkeeping & Receipts

This app has some nice features that will help you produce digital receipts. A feature of this app is that you will be able to use the service from different devices and allow other users access to the files. In addition, the application provides more than 10 templates that you can use to create receipts.

Also, you will be able to save any receipt in a format that is convenient for you. There is an option to send cash receipts via email or other online services. In addition, the application gives you complete flexibility, allowing you to edit templates created within the application.

App Store

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8. ‎Make Receipt – Sign, Print PDF

This application has a pleasant interface and easy operation that will allow you to create receipts in seconds. You may use the app for many different types of tasks. You will be able to manage your sales and invoices and create receipts. In addition, the app allows you to back up important data, allowing you to secure your data.

In addition, you’ll be able to add items within the app, as well as attach info including title, price, tax rate, and more. Also, there is the ability to categorize and group documents, allowing you to rapidly find the receipt you need.

You can also use the calculator to temporarily change product prices, add notes, display discounts, and more. The application synchronizes with Bluetooth printers, which will allow you to print the document you need instantly.

Make Receipt - Sign, Print PDF8
App Store

9. Cash Receipt Generator

Cash Receipt Generator has several advanced features that allow you to create receipts very rapidly with the app. This is where you can select the currency format, time, and dates. As well, of course, you can add names of people and organizations. Everything is remarkably straightforward. After doing these steps, the program will offer you a ready-made check.

In addition, you can save even incomplete templates. That way, you may come back to them later and finish them. Also, you can store all the ready-made checks directly in the application. Here you can create separate folders and distribute documents to them. Also, there are special search filters.

If you have a lot of them, you will still find precisely the one you need. Also, you can send ready-made receipts right from the application. In addition, there is not at all distracting interface in an elaborate style. Therefore, the design of checks is not only convenient but also pleasant.

Google Play

10. FakePay

This is an option for those who do not want to bother with receipts. Here you may enter the name of the bank or organization, name, and select gender. Then it will make the receipt itself. Of course, the functions are limited, but you get everything pretty quickly. In addition, there are little guides if you still want to create something more elaborate.

Google Play

11. Receipt maker

This is another fantastic app for Android users. You can create fake receipts here using many advanced features. You can create a bill and send it to your friends in no time using this app.

So, you can put in data such as time, and currency, add different names and organizations, and even methods of payment. You may also save checks here, creating more and more variations. Besides, it is easy to use and rapid enough to get how it works.

Receipt maker11
Google Play

12. Instant Invoice Maker – Create

This is undoubtedly one of the best apps for your device. Even more, you can use much more functionality. For example, you can place signatures and company logos. In addition, you can set up your company card.

That way you can automatically create receipts and the app will fill in all the data itself. In addition, there is a whole list of receipts that you may sort in different order. Plus, there is a search that allows you to find the check you are looking for.

Instant Invoice Maker - Create12
Google Play

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13. Receipt Generator

In just a few simple steps, you can form unique checks and invoices. Plus, there are several options for creating them. In addition, you can send checks as soon as you have created them.

Also, you can edit and create new templates. Plus, there is a preview that helps you see the templates before you send them. There is also a built-in calculator to assist you to estimate your checks.

Receipt Maker13
Google Play