9 Free apps to rent dresses (Android & iOS)

Free apps to rent dresses

A great amount of money wasted on dresses… A wardrobe groaned with dozens of apparels… A mania of buying fresh dresses every week… If you consider yourself to such a category of people, this post will be priceless for you. It is a well-known fact that everything is getting rental …

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9 Best Mirror apps for Android & iOS

Best Mirror apps

Nowadays, it is necessary to be on the ball every time. This applies to our appearance as well. So you always have to take a mirror with you, which is not convenient at all. Much better is to use your phone instead. Of course, you can use your phone camera …

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15 Best Solitaire Apps for Android & iOS 2024

Best solitaire apps

Solitaire has long been a good way to get away from your worries for a few minutes and relax your brain. In today’s top, we have the best solitaire apps for Android & iOS 2024: Pyramid Solitaire Saga If you like games where you need to not only thoughtlessly tap …

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11 Best employee attendance tracking apps for Android & iOS


Conducting your own business is not an easy task. You have to keep lots of things in mind and maintain control over everything. A crucial part of each business is its employees. Besides the problem that you need to find people with well qualified for a job, you need to …

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17 Best Dancing Apps With Your Picture (Android & iOS)

Memes, funny videos, hilarious apps for distorting your appearance or changing how you (or your friends) look in a funny way is a trendy thing nowadays. You probably remember that funny video with a Japanese guy singing about the pineapple and a pen. And almost all viners are using the …

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13 Best screensaver apps for Android & iOS

It may be disputable either we need screensavers on our devices in modern times, but actually that’s the matter of taste. We are using tons of other weird apps, so why don’t you add a personal touch to your phone with a cool screen saver app? Besides, it is useful …

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13 Best home decorating games for adults


Probably, all of us would like to have a house of our dreams. Everybody has a different idea in mind, but it is usually one of our biggest dreams that we all cherish. It can be also explained by the basic human needs – the needs in protection and safety …

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11 Best IELTS preparation apps for Android & iOS

We live in such a globalized world today that international mobility, which used to be the thing, accessible only for millionaires, politicians, artists, and other “chosen” people, has now become almost a routine case. Today you won’t really surprise anyone if you say you studied abroad or did an internship …

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11 Free parental control apps for iOS & Android

The best thing about the Internet is that is completely liberal and free. Excluding, maybe, a couple of world countries, everyone can do whatever they want on the Internet and upload the content that they want. Paradoxically, this is the worst thing about it at the same time. We all …

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José The Kid app review

There are plenty of decent games among puzzles. However, despite the already quite popular genre, we couldn’t pass by and not tell about José The Kid. Fun story, the funny main character, the good atmosphere of the game. At least that’s why the app from Artlab Studio deserves attention. Help José …

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