9 Best eye candy apps for Android & iOS

Selfies are very popular with all social networking users. There are many different styles and varieties of selfies. Even modern smartphones have improved functions for this purpose.

Special applications can improve your photos. Thanks to them, you can quickly and easily remove all the disadvantages and highlight the advantages. This list contains the best eye-candy apps.

1. Eye Candy – Selfie Camera

Eye Candy - Selfie CameraIn the Eye Candy – Selfie Camera application, you can take photographs and perform enhanced image processing.

Also here you can decorate frames with various filters and send the result to the Internet.

The application Eye Candy – Selfie Camera has a pleasant interface and many different functions. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can find the flash setting.

The screen grid is turned on and off in the settings. If you press the screen with two fingers, you can select individual parts of the frame for focus. This is a very handy and useful thing.

Underneath the image sensor is an exposure compensation scale. Here you can get full information about the degree of exposure compensation.

You can adjust both plus and minus. It is easy to use this tool. If automatics give you a dark picture, then move the scale to plus. If the desired part of the image is illuminated, move the scale to minus.

At the bottom right there is a white balance selection. You can use and lock the automatic white balance. You can also select the setting from a variety of options. In most cases, you can trust the automatic setting.

At the bottom left is the focus control button. Clicking it takes you into manual focus mode. Next, use the scrolling scale to select what you want to shoot now. Macro, landscape or something in the middle.

Eye Candy - Selfie Camera Eye Candy - Selfie Camera

This is a very handy and useful thing, especially for shooting small objects.

Google Play

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2. Cymera Camera – Photo Editor

Cymera Camera - Photo EditorThe Cymera Camera – Photo Editor application is designed to create selfies.

Also, the basic functionality of the application allows you to remove face defects. More precise settings allow you to change the different components of your body.

Such as nose, eyes, and proportions.

The application interface looks beautiful and minimalistic. Above the shooting button, there is a plus sign that gives you access to extra functions.

For example, macro shooting, photo cropping, shooting modes. There are four modes in total: normal, stabilized, with a timer and speed. Each of these modes works perfectly.

There’s a lot of settings. You can turn on the volume key, grid, horizon line, sync and much more.

For macro photography, the application Cymera Camera – Photo Editor has one very handy thing. If you press the plus sign next to the shutter button, you’ll see the Macro button on the menu.

If you press it, the center of the image will stretch to the whole screen, approximately doubling. This makes it much easier to catch the largest sharpness in a future shot.

There are also various shooting options on this menu. For example, normal, stabilized, timed and burst mode.

Right above the main button, you will see the most important indicator. This is the exposure indicator.

Cymera Camera - Photo Editor Cymera Camera - Photo Editor

This app features a set of tools and a built-in ability to change the intensity of each effect using a slider. It features a combination of templates and 20 different tools for decoration.

Google Play

3. MakeupPlus

MakeupPlusThe MakeupPlus application will make real eye-candy photos from your mobile.

The shooting menu includes flash settings, camera switching, and 6x zoom. There are also settings where you can find normal and stabilized shooting mode, as well as a timer.

In Shooting Mode you can use the focus or exposure separation. If you press the screen with your finger, you can set the focus.

With a second finger pressed, it helps to set the exposure. In some cases, it helps to adjust the light output.

In the Filters section, you will find 4 functions: Edit, Share, Save and Information. You will find a lot of useful information in the information section.

For example, the date of the photo, the location and the list of effects.

The editing menu has four sections: scenes, rotation, cropping, effects, and frames. Scenes can have 16 different sets of scenery. It depends on what effect you want to give your photos.

Here you can make your photo darker or lighter, process text, portrait, backlight and much more.

With the app MakeupPlus, you don’t have to store your phone’s master album. You will choose only those photos that you like or have been processed.

MakeupPlus MakeupPlus

The image is not cropped when you process it. After processing, the image will remain in the same ratio.

Google Play

4. Candy Selfie Lite: beauty cam

Candy Selfie Lite beauty camThe Candy Selfie Lite beauty cam application contains many options for quickly changing photos. You can smooth the skin, reduce and enlarge facial features and much more.

As soon as you install and run, you will be met by a start screen asking you to select a file to edit.

You can point to an existing photo from a standard system gallery or file manager. You can also take a new photo with the device’s camera.

After that, the picture will open in the editing area, to the left of which there is a panel with basic tools.

The tools include both basic image processing functions and advanced color correction capabilities.

With the application, you can perform the following operations:

  • trimming of images, according to the specified proportions or by an arbitrary shape
  • exposure control, brightness, contrast control
  • color control of individual channels and curves
  • perspective correction, bleaching, red-eye removal
  • noise removal
  • drawing, texting, adding other images
  • many effects, each of which can be customized

The main advantage of this application is the settings after taking a photo. It uses an elegant and attractive interface. It allows you to easily change the brightness, contrast, color temperature, and sharpness.

Candy Selfie Lite beauty cam

There are various filters that allow you to change the mood of your photos.

Google Play

5. Sweet Candy Camera

Sweet Candy CameraThe Sweet Candy Camera application works with computer vision technology.

It has the intellectual improvement of portrait pictures, digital noise, automatic exposure. These three functions work together to ensure the largest image quality.

The application takes into account ambient lighting, your age, gender and skin tone.

A simple editor offers many filters. The application Sweet Candy Camera allows you to set different hues and tones after the initial editing.

This application has a unique feature of emotion recognition. You can choose to have the application take a picture by recognizing, for example, a smile.

This allows you to simply install a smartphone, point the main camera at you. The picture will be taken when your face “gives out” the desired emotion.

Also in the program is available a huge number of different extra features. You can draw your own glasses and tubes, hats and many different stickers.

It is possible to sign different short texts in beautiful fonts. The application Sweet Candy Camera also has a large number of different frames in its arsenal.

Sweet Candy Camera Sweet Candy Camera

The built-in photo library of this app is a good alternative to the standard phone gallery. Change the size of thumbnails, mark successful shots and delete the unsuccessful ones.

Google Play

6. Selfie Camera: Filters & Stickers Photo Editor

Selfie Camera: Filters & Stickers Photo EditorThe Selfie Camera: Filters & Stickers Photo Editor application conveniently and easily turns any picture into true art.

It’s the application that most of the perfect selfies enjoy. A good choice of high-quality filters allows you to share your pictures with your friends.

At startup, the app Selfie Camera: Filters & Stickers Photo Editor opens the camera. Settings at the top of the screen let you turn on the flash and show a grid or square in the viewfinder.

After taking a picture, you can go to the picture library and start applying filters and editing. Here you can manually adjust the intensity of the filters.

The app also lets you crop, adjust, change brightness, contrast, temperature and more. You can send your finished photo directly from the app to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also send photos to friends via email or save the gallery.

Plus, the app lets you quickly retouch your selfies. The whole process takes a few seconds. Just press a button and you’ll get perfectly smooth, even skin.

You can also improve your hair and change the shape of your nose. Apply virtual makeup, remove the red-eye effect and much more.

Selfie Camera: Filters & Stickers Photo Editor Selfie Camera: Filters & Stickers Photo Editor

Also, the application Selfie Camera: Filters & Stickers Photo Editor has a large number of different filters with the ability to create your own.

Google Play

7. YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect - Photo EditorThe YouCam Perfect application is a great tool for your selfies and eye-candy effects.

To start taking pictures, you need to press the big button with the camera icon. It opens the viewfinder with a nice interface.

You can also turn the flash on or off. The separate button switches the cameras of your device between the front and main ones.

Separately, it is worth noting the method of focusing, which is in this application. If you click on a circle in the top menu, the camera will focus as follows.

The camera will focus on the other subject. Nice and easy to see. The photos you take go to the Library. You can also throw photos from the gallery of the device, cloud storage, and so on.

YouCam Perfect - Photo Editor

The selected photo can be manipulated in various ways using filters and settings.

Google Play

8. Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor

Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo EditorThe Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor app transforms any, even the most unfortunate photo very quickly and coolly.

The app welcomes you to the main menu with several options: Home, Grid, Journal, Store, and Library.

In these sections, you can share photos, look at pictures of photographers, read news and much more.

The app Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor has a handy desktop with all the features you can use.

The Edit section hides settings such as those found in all popular photo editors. You can adjust the exposure, change the contrast and sharpness of the picture. Enhance or smooth out shadows and so on.

There are also a huge number of filters to experiment with endlessly.

Here you will find a lot of tools for image correction. Here you can change exposure, saturation, hue, contrast, and brightness. You can also adjust sharpness, color temperature and vignetting.

You can add “grain” to the picture, just like in vintage photos. You get a convenient way to crop a photo with many aspect ratios and rotation mesh templates.

All changes with photos can be canceled at any time by pressing the corresponding button.

Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor

You can also remove the last filter or setting imposed on the photo.

Google Play

9. Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie CameraThe Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera application allows you to correct the image in the camera lens and finished photos.

It also allows you to “transfer” the image to the cover of the magazine. Experiment with the composition.

The application Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera has many useful functions.

The Camera function allows you to take “professional shots”.

The application contains more than 50 filters. Including separate filters for taking portraits, landscapes, food, and other objects.

They can be applied in real-time. The camera also has a timer for three and six seconds.

The Retouch function allows you to remove unwanted background. Smooth the skin, remove pimples, bags and dark circles under your eyes.

It also allows you to apply make-up, look slimmer and lengthen your legs.

Features of the application Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera:

  • all standard editing tools like photo clipping, flipping, contrast, etc.
  • and there’s an option that you’ll definitely like.
  • it’s possible to use different topics if you don’t want to make something up yourself.

The Hand-drawn function allows you to become an angel, mermaid or baroness with one touch.

Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

The application Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera also includes various stickers, backgrounds, frames, and collages.

Google Play

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