13 Best funny ringtone download apps

You’re most likely tired of the melody you hear on your phone every day and the message alert signal. If so, you can get some new ringtones and notification tones for your device.

In this article, we have collected some of the popular and best funny ringtone download apps. These apps will allow you to download new ringtones for free, or make your own using music stored on your phone.

1. Super Funny Ringtones

Super Funny RingtonesFunny ringtones Fun for mobile is one of the most popular applications for downloading and installing ringtones.

It boasts a base with over two million ringtones and sounds. It also boasts frequent updates, a ringtone editor and many other features.

The ability to download free ringtones is incredibly pleasing. Near-realistic scores that highlight particularly remarkable tracks are also enjoyable.

If you click on a track for a long time, the program will display information about this track.

Most of the screen is occupied by the image of the sound wave of the track, which has two sliders: left and right. The left slider points at the start of your future ringtone, and the right at the end of your future ringtone.

The Ringtone Database is updated every day, so users can always find something new in the app Funny ringtones Fun for mobile.

The collection contains the newest hits and old popular tracks of different genres.

Super Funny Ringtones

The application Funny ringtones Fun for mobile has a very comfortable interface.

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2. Funny Ringtones

Good Ringtones StudioGood Ringtones Studio is another application with ringtones. It also has wallpaper.

The program has a large catalog of notification sounds and ringtones.

The app Good Ringtones Studio also has a simple design, worthy of search and the possibility of your favorites list. The application is absolutely free.

A weekly collection of ringtones is a nice bonus for the users of the application Good Ringtones Studio.

You don’t need to search for tracks, you can just go to the right collection. Collections can be thematic or dedicated to one artist or group.

Ringtones are also distributed by genres. This makes it much easier to find the right track. The catalog contains both traditionally popular genres and less common ones.

The collection also contains 10,000 wallpapers. They have sorted out on categories “Abstractions”, “Animals”, “Space” and so on.

Good Ringtones Studio Good Ringtones Studio

To establish a new screen saver on the phone it is possible by means of only one button.

Google Play

3. Super Funny Ringtones

Super Funny RingtonesFunny Ringtones is one of the classic ringtone applications.

You upload a song, cut out the part you want and then save it. That’s all the app does. Fortunately, it does it pretty well.

The app Funny Ringtones is completely free with no built-in purchases or advertising. It also supports the most popular music file types.

The app Funny Ringtones is a kind of Internet ringtone manager in a variety of shapes and colors.

Besides, it is a tool for cutting ringtones from songs installed on your smartphone or offered by the app Funny Ringtones. There are quite a few selections and genres.

And individual files can be put on the ringtone as well as on notifications. The application Funny Ringtones understands its audience – people who are dynamic and active.

Thus, in a separate window, it also has a small wallpaper manager for your smartphone.

Super Funny Ringtones

They are broken down by themes, quite colorful and quick to install.

Google Play

4. Ringtones and Notifications

Ringtones and NotificationsFunny Ringtones is another application for creating ringtones. You upload a sound file, cut out what you want, and save it.

The application Funny Ringtones also supports most file types including MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, and some others.

On the whole, it works very well. The application Funny Ringtones is free without internal purchases and advertising.

There are 5 buttons under the sound wave. The +/- buttons scale the sound wave depending on whether you press plus or minus.

Once you have adjusted the sliders correctly, press Play. Then check where the ringtone starts and where it ends. You can adjust the sliders correctly using the “Left” and “Right” buttons.

They move the active slider slightly to the side you need. An amazing feature of this application is recording a track from the recorder.

A very convenient feature is to adjust the ringtone volume at the beginning and end. The Fade slider handles this function.

If the slider is at the smallest, your ringtone will start abruptly and can scare people around you.

Ringtones and Notifications

If you set it to the largest, the ringtone volume will increase gradually.

Google Play

5. Funny Ringtones +

Funny Ringtones + Funny Ringtones is also one of the most popular applications with free ringtones.

It contains a huge number of melodies from different genres and types. You will also find great wallpapers in the app Funny Ringtones.

It’s a great app for downloading new ringtones and sounds for notifications. The app Funny Ringtones is completely free and has no annoying advertising.

Here the ringtones are sorted according to their musical destinations. They are also grouped into categories such as favorites, fresh and popular.

It is worth noting that this app is more suitable for those who are looking for a ringtone, not a new musical hit.

In addition to the tab with ringtones, the app Funny Ringtones has a separate menu item with shorter sounds.

Funny Ringtones +

Besides, here you can find beautiful wallpaper for your smartphone, including live ones.

6. Funny Cute Ringtones

Funny Cute RingtonesThe Funny Cute Ringtones application offers you nice ringtones.

To add your own ringtone or notification signal you need to go through all the stages of import of music.

There are some sections that contain many ringtones for every taste. There is filtering by best, popular, last, and category.

The most important thing here is that you can download fresh funny ringtones for free.

Funny Cute Ringtones

There are about 30 ringtones for every taste.

Google Play

7. Funny Ringtones Plus

Funny Ringtones PlusThe Funny Ringtones Plus application offers a unique tool for ringtones.

A simple interface for choosing ringtones is intuitive. The user can select a track from the application’s database and save it to a phone.

The app also contains a database of nice ringtones. A user can install any of them on his or her mobile phone in two clicks.

A smart search engine can help you find the track you need by title. A user-friendly interface and an eye-catching design make the application easy to use.

Funny Ringtones Plus

You can send these ringtones via email or social networking. To do this, log in to the application settings.

8. Funny Ringtones

Funny RingtonesThe Free Ringtones application is an alternative for those looking for a new popular song.

Here you can already find the music of different genres, already sliced to the best moments.

Here you can choose a music track from 50 ringtones.

And set them as alarms or notifications.

Once you have found and downloaded the song you want, it will appear in the “Downloaded” tab.

Funny Ringtones

Once you have saved it, you need to check the events to which you want to assign it.

Google Play

9. 1500 Ringtones & Alerts

1500 Ringtones & AlertsFunny Ringtones is a free app for downloading ringtones to your mobile device.

Here you can also create your own ringtones, message notifications, and even alarms.

You can listen to each ringtone before setting it as a ringtone or other notification.

You can download and sort the ringtones by folder right inside the app Funny Ringtones. You can edit and crop all the audio files as you like.

So, you can set not the whole ringtone, but only your favorite part of the music track.

Cutting a melody is easy. To do this, you need to open the editor built into this application. Then click on the start and endpoint of a piece of the music track.

1500 Ringtones & Alerts

You can set a different melody for each contact.

10. Funny Ringtones Funny Sounds

Funny Ringtones Funny SoundsFunny Ringtones Funny Sounds is one of the best applications for creating music ringtones now.

It is a quite practical and handy tool, which has many useful functions. Here you can create an excerpt from your favorite music track.

Create lots of unique ringtones that will only ring on your phone.

You can also set these ringtones as alarms or notifications of new messages.

The app has an intuitive interface, where all the necessary functions are available.

Choose your favorite track and cut the best moment you like. You can do this with milliseconds accuracy.

Funny Ringtones Funny Sounds

It’s a free app that works without any restrictions. Plus, it doesn’t contain annoying ads and doesn’t need built-in purchases.

Google Play

11. Funny Sayings Ringtones

Funny Sayings RingtonesThe Funny Sayings Ringtones application is intended for those who love the most unusual things.

The new sound for notifications here you just have to print, express, so to speak, in words.

English, Spanish, French, German and Italian is available for “literary and musical” creation.

There are also two types of hieroglyphs available, probably representing Korean and Chinese. You can adjust the repetition step of a phrase and its pronunciation speed.

You can also use any music track from your mobile device library. Cut back your favorite part of your music.

Use the result as a ringtone for calls and messages. You can also share the result with your friends.

Funny Sayings Ringtones Funny Sayings Ringtones

You can do this with emails, social networks, and instant messengers. To do this, log in to the settings of this application.

Google Play

12. Funny Ringtones

Funny RingtonesThe Funny Ringtones app will allow you to download any ringtones to your mobile device for absolutely free.

Set them as a ringtone, alarm, or notification. With it, you can create any audio and video files. With just a few steps, you can choose files for the smartphone.

The application has many features. You can easily select a ringtone and install it on your smartphone. Also, you can save the file or send it in two clicks.

Funny Ringtones

There are ringtones for every occasion: funny and displaced, scary and themed.

Google Play

13. Super Funny Ringtones

Super Funny RingtonesWith the app, you can choose your own unique ringtones and download ready-made songs.

You can set them as rings, alarms, or even messages and notification tones. Once you’ve downloaded your ready ringtones, you can change them as you like.

Also, there is a Recommend tab that will offer you a set of the best ringtones of this app that might work for you.

Super Funny Ringtones

You can share it with friends via social networking.

Google Play

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