Pursuit of Plasma – Endless Runner Adventure App Review

The game Pursuit of plasma is set to explore the infinite depths of another universe in an equally endless adventure. The graphics in the game are really captivating and when you first go on a journey deep into the magical cosmos, you will definitely notice the nice colorful animations and juicy visual effects that will be remembered for a long time.

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After the first acquaintance, the graphics do recede into the background, you begin to get acquainted with collecting energy from the multicolored spheres and using them.

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You gain new abilities that will help you in your endless adventures, as you develop and create more complex shapes. That’s right, every time you collect a sphere of the right color, your figure increases the number of its corners. Avoid hitting the wrong colored spheres. If you hit them, you lose and your adventure starts all over again!

Cool soundtrack and quality audio effects only add to the fun and atmosphere of each run.

The perfect casual game to play, wherever you are. Pursuit of Plasma can even be played with one hand. This game is a truly effective way to relax and have fun, and also distract yourself from life’s situations.

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