SHUBiDU App Review

Time planning is a huge thing in any family and we all know this task is far from being easy. Luckily, there is an excellent app on the market that allows making this process much easier – it includes all the tools for you to plan every single detail for each member and don’t forget anything.

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If each member of your family gets this app you can synchronize your accounts together and plan your schedule together as well. In case you have kids in your family who are not allowed to use the phone yet, you are still able to create a separate calendar section for them and plan their time in there.


The interface’s design in SHUBiDU is super easy to understand and comfortable to use so even the older members of the family will understand quickly how to use the app. Plan your family meetings together – it is especially helpful if you live in different places in your city or even country.

What is more, it is not necessary that your family only will be having access to the calendar. If you have kids going to school their teacher can get SHUBiDU as well and use the group agenda in order to easily set up the appointments with children and with their parents.

Another cool feature of SHUBiDU is that you can create groups according to the activities – for sports, school, university, friends, and so on. It will help to get all the planning more organized and topic-related, and to make the overall process hassle-free.

If entering all the data manually isn’t really convenient for you, then you can take pictures, send them in and receive the digital dates sent to you by SHUBiDU. This function is called “SHUBiDU magic”. Use SHUBiDU together with your friends, so you can plan your parties, meetings, and so on.


And, of course, just like any decent calendar app, SHUBiDU provides the possibility of setting up the reminders, creating notes (along with pinning the pictures), synchronizing with your main calendar on the smartphone or from work.

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All in all, SHUBiDU is good not only as a family calendar app but as a general planner as well, because it possesses so many useful functions. The app is available in German, French, Italian, and English for (almost) all countries in the world.