13 Best apps to slow down music on Android & iOS

Best apps to slow down music

The need to slow down a song may arise in different cases. You may want to insert a slow song into the video. Maybe you want it to fill in the whole video. Maybe you need a slower version of the music for some event. Either way, you need to …

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10 Best DJ mixing apps for Android & iOS

Best DJ mixing apps

If you’re a DJ and you work with a controller and laptop, you’re probably using one of the big four solutions: Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, Traktor or Rekordbox DJ. You may also use a Mixvibes Cross DJ or DJ Player Pro for your smartphone or tablet. But the world of …

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21 Free Music Download Apps for Android & iOS 2024


Probably, it makes no sense to speak about how meaningful the music in our life is. Together with the development of society, the music was taking more and more place in people’s everyday routine, along with how new technologies were appearing. And with the digital revolution in music that came …

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15 Best microphone apps for Android & iOS


Sound production is a big thing today. Partially, because qualitative microphones are getting more and more available to the wide public. Moreover, even mobile phones can make pretty decent recordings nowadays! But in fact, a microphone may be needed in a variety of life situations. Maybe, you are working in …

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9 Best auto tune apps for Android & iOS

Best auto tune apps

If you are looking for auto-tuning software for your smartphone, we recommend that you read the selection below: Voloco Voloco is a real-time application that 1) processes the user’s voice, and 2) models it depending on user-defined settings. In the Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony application, you can both have …

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9 Best apps for amateur singers (Android & iOS)

Do you enjoy singing though you are not a professional in this sphere? If you do, we are ready to present to you some interesting content.  We have chosen the best apps for amateur singers. The post contains various apps aimed at improving your voice skills and learning the theory …

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8 Best apps for learning guitar (Android & iOS)

Best apps for learning guitar

Are you a beginner in guitar playing? Or maybe you dream about playing this musical instrument but don’t know where to start? If it’s true for you, this post is exactly what you need. Modern apps are capable of fulfilling many useful functions, replacing a human. As you know, apps …

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10 Best apps for drummers (Android & iOS)

Best apps for drummers

Believe it or not, but a drum was used even in the 6th millennium BC. Ever since this instrument became an essential part of everyday life, people felt its power and impact. Nowadays, a drum can still overcome any other musical instrument in its effect. Though it seems easy to …

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