11 Best Songwriting Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

best songwriting apps

Music is something that brings us all together. Songwriting needs to learn how to find inspiration and come up with certain ideas for lyrics. You also need to master other technical aspects to evoke the exact emotions you want to convey to your audience. You may not even have a …

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5 Free Ear Training Apps for Android & iOS

free ear training apps

Apps for musicians are not so many. And the good ones are even fewer. Our apps will certainly be of interest to you if you want to develop your skills. Here you will find apps that will help you improve your musical ear, as it is possible for everyone. The …

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5 Best Magic Piano Apps for Android & iOS

best magic piano apps

Is music something you are crazy about that you love to practice playing musical instruments? Are you a beginner who wants to practice? Perhaps you just like the pleasant sound of a piano. In that case, you will definitely be interested in the applications that we will talk about today. …

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11 Best Video Lyrics Maker Apps for Android & iOS


Almost every amateur firstly starts with karaoke versions of songs to learn how to sing correctly. They help you both improve your knowledge of the lyrics of a particular song and its rhythm. Adjusting the words and the melody, getting used to combining both of them enables a person to …

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9 Best Mixtapes Apps for Android & iOS

9 Best Mixtapes Apps for Android & iOS

We all love to listen to music. The easiest way to do this is to use special applications. In this article, you will find a selection of the best applications for mixtapes. Most of them offer their users to dive into the world of DJ sets from all over the …

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9 Best Apps to Play Music from SD Card (Android & iOS)

Best Apps to Play Music from SD Card

It’s not a secret that nowadays, almost every device has a pre-installed music player for tracks that you keep on your SD card. However, it must be not as powerful as desired. Also, one more common disadvantage is a lack of convenience in a user interface. If you face these …

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13 Best Rhythm Game apps (Android & iOS)

Best Rhythm Game apps

Do you want to kill both time and boredom with only one shot? If you do, let us introduce a great way how to entertain yourself. Rhythm games are the games we are going to talk about right now. You will find this post priceless, much less if you haven’t …

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13 Best apps to slow down music on Android & iOS

Best apps to slow down music

The need to slow down a song may arise in different cases. You may want to insert a slow song into the video. Maybe you want it to fill in the whole video. Maybe you need a slower version of the music for some event. Either way, you need to …

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10 Best DJ mixing apps for Android & iOS

Best DJ mixing apps

If you’re a DJ and you work with a controller and laptop, you’re probably using one of the big four solutions: Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, Traktor or Rekordbox DJ. You may also use a Mixvibes Cross DJ or DJ Player Pro for your smartphone or tablet. But the world of …

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21 Free Music Download Apps for Android & iOS 2023


Probably, it makes no sense to speak about how meaningful the music in our life is. Together with the development of society, the music was taking more and more place in people’s everyday routine, along with how new technologies were appearing. And with the digital revolution in music that came …

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