9 Best Animated Stories Apps for Android & iOS

best animated stories apps

Average photos have ceased to impress sophisticated users on Instagram. Trends are changing rapidly. Bloggers constantly have to come up with something new and creative. And in order to still gain followers and likes on Instagram, you need to match these fashion trends. Of course, with stories apps, creating engaging …

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11 Best Philips Hue Apps for Android & iOS

Best Philips Hue Apps

Philips Hue has brought to market an entire ecosystem of “smart” lamps and lights that are compatible with your smart home. The company’s lamps create a special atmosphere and automate lighting. Such lamps can be controlled by voice-activated assistants, but also by apps. Therefore we present for your benefit a …

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9 Best Video Splitter Apps for Android & iOS

Best Video Splitter Apps

You want to be original in the age of the Internet and the vast amount of video and photo content on social media. You have to produce good content to make your profiles look more engaging. To accomplish this task, you can use video editors that allow you to perform …

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11 Best Reverse Video Apps for Android & iOS

Best Reverse Video Apps

Video playback in reverse or reverse is a special effect that can be applied to the entire video or its fragment. It is often used together with speed change. Slow-motion or fast-forward video is found in many movies and professional video clips. But in fact, this effect is easy to …

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11 Best Video Lyrics Maker Apps for Android & iOS


Almost every amateur firstly starts with karaoke versions of songs to learn how to sing correctly. They help you both improve your knowledge of the lyrics of a particular song and its rhythm. Adjusting the words and the melody, getting used to combining both of them enables a person to …

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7 Best Closed Captions Apps for Android & iOS


Have you noticed how often people use captions while watching various videos on their phones or computers in the modern world? It may not be entirely apparent because we don’t actually pay attention to what people are doing on their phones because of our own interest in personal devices. In …

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11 Best Apps to Create Video Memes on Android & iOS

featured image

Have you ever wondered how memes are created? Or how your friends create memes that are suitable for the specific case and situation. Do you want to make some similar memes to put your friends up and laugh over them? Then read this article. Most of the memes are done …

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8 Best Lip Syncing Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Best Lip Syncing Apps

If you are in search of some non-trivial ideas for the content you post, you are at the right time and place. In this post, you will get familiar with an amazing effect that will surely make every follower admire. By it, we mean lip-synching effect that can be applied …

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7 Best Clone Yourself Video Apps for Android & iOS

Best Clone Yourself Video Apps

Are you in search of the best video effect to impress your friends? If you are, it will be a good idea to install an app capable of cloning people on video. Since there are quite many apps with video effects, we have chosen only the ones letting you clone …

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