9 Best Apps for Pricing Items (Android & iOS)

If you live in a modern city, you are probably delighted with various discounts and special offers. At the same time, if you are a retailer you probably want to sell more efficiently. All this is possible with our selection of the best price search apps.

In addition, we offer you the option of working from home. So, you can learn more about it in our article the Best Apps For US Freelancers.

1. Profit Bandit

This system will provide you with real-time information about current prices, as well as give you the sales rating of each seller and the FBA prices. Thanks to this application, you will be able to calculate and record information about each seller, as well as keep your notes. In addition, the app has a very handy feature to calculate your profits.

Before using this feature, you will need to set it up, which is pretty quick and easy. The feature then helps you count all of your FBA fees and instantly see your profit based on each item you purchased. In addition, the app supports a Bluetooth scanner, which is as important as it gets.

In addition, the sell button will redirect you right to the Amazon page so you can put your item up for sale. Also, each profit and rating of your sales will be accompanied by a phone vibration. When the profit exceeds a specified amount or the rating falls below a certain number that you specify.

Profit Bandit1
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2. ShopSavvy – Barcode Scanner

This app gives you the best price comparisons on the market, as well as barcode scanning and setting alerts when an item is on sale. The service regularly checks retailers’ websites for new price reductions, so you do not have to search for an item yourself.

In addition, the app offers detailed price history information so you can compare the retailer’s previous sales. You can search for an item by scanning it or search for a product by UPC or keyword. In addition, you can set up alerts on the product you want to buy so you can receive notifications on price reductions and have constant monitoring.

Also, the app will help you lower the price of a product by using the policy of the store from which you want to buy the goods. The application also contains standard functionality, you will be able to add products to your favorites and track them here.

ShopSavvy - Barcode Scanner2
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3. All Taxis: compare ride prices

This service allows you to compare prices for all popular cab services. The app has very simple functionality and gives you complete freedom of action. You will be able to evaluate any trip, as well as find out the prices with just a tap of your finger. In addition, you will be able to order a cab directly from the app.

You will not need to go to third-party services and order a cab from there. The app will only provide you with quality services with the best drivers. You can also view the driver’s rating and how many rides he or she had at all.

All Taxis: compare ride prices3
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4. trivago: Compare hotel prices

This app will guide you through your hotel search and price comparison in real-time. It compares and shows you the lowest prices. As a result of your search, the application will generate a list of hotels ordered by the recommendations of several Internet booking services.

In addition, when the choice is made, pressing the Book button will take you to the website of the reservation company. The application has a very useful and convenient map. You will be able to view the area that is convenient for you and what hotels are nearby. Also, the app has a large database of online reservation systems.

You will be able to find almost all the hotels that are in the city where you want to go on vacation. In addition, the application has a very handy tool that allows you to use tips if you have difficulty.

Each button in the application provides instructions and an explanation of what it serves. You will also be able to fill in a filter that will assist you in finding the best hotel that meets your preferences.

trivago: Compare hotel prices4
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5. ‎Booking.com Travel Deals

It is an online platform for booking accommodation around the world. And of course, you can easily compare prices. It is also suitable for travelers from all over the world. After all, the service is available in more than 200 countries. In addition, this app saves you money on charges. Moreover, the application can work without registration.

With all the functionality you can get acquainted with just downloading the application without entering your personal information. Also, you can make a reservation without a username and password. If you decide to create an account, then you will have even more opportunities.

For example, you can keep track of hotel information and get special offers with discounts. It is quite a functional application. You can search using the search bar, or just select the desired location using the built-in map. Also, there is an advanced search that will help you find the right place, according to your preferences and desires.

So, you can specify the date of check-in, duration of stay, and the number of people traveling. In addition, there are filters, with which you do not have to spend hours looking for the right option. They will help you find something that fits your budget, quality of hotel, rating, popularity, and distance from the sights or other places.

Besides, there are photos and read reviews of travelers, so you can always find something that is not expensive, but comfortable for you.

‎Booking.com Travel Deals5
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6. ‎Priceline – Hotel, Car, Flight

This is another app that is perfect for travel lovers. It has everything you might need in another city. So, here you can compare prices and look for deals that are right for you. First of all, the service offers you to buy plane tickets all over the world.

In addition, here you can choose the number of passengers, choose the class of flight, and the type of flight, for example, non-stop. Secondly, the program helps you choose a hotel. Various filters are also available, such as several stars, booking type, and more.

The third thing is that you can even rent a car in some countries or cities to explore the city and its attractions more freely. You may also receive special offers and various discounts. In addition, some places you can add to your favorites to compare their quality and how they suit you.

Also, there is an interactive map to help guide your way and show you the hotels on your way. That way, this is a cool service for traveling around the country. It also has an exciting feature that is similar to an auction.

So, by figuring out how much you are ready to pay to stay in the city or region you are interested in beforehand, you can find a cool hotel at a bargain price. Also, the site takes into account your desires for hotel stars, as well as the presence of several other benefits.

‎Priceline - Hotel, Car, Flight6
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7. QR Code & Barcode Scanner

As we know, a QR code is a present-day solution, which enables us to code a certain kind of information. With its help, it is possible to determine what data are encrypted there. Well, this application copes with this task super effectively. For example, you have seen a bar code in the store and want to know the price of the product.

So, the app will help you find out everything about the product you are interested in. Also, this way you can check the prices in other stores and buy this product at a lower price. In addition, there is a history of your scans, so it is most comfortable to navigate through the products.

On top of that, you can add the things you like to your favorites and compare different offers. And, it scans data types such as text data, email information, photos, and images. Moreover, all of this is done with just one camera. It also allows you to share the results of your scans in messengers and send them to your email address.

QR Code & Barcode Scanner7
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8. SellerMobile

This app will give you a better profit margin as well as a better advantage in the marketplace. The app offers you tremendous functionality that you can take benefit of and simplify your work. You will be able to view and compare data on sales, income, and orders.

In addition, the app provides a very handy chart in which you will be able to view your earnings. In addition, you can set notifications on the goods you want to buy or sell, so you will always know about the arrival of goods and their sale. Also, the application will help you in sales and predict which good sells best and how to present it to the buyer.

You can scan any product using UPC or ASIN. After that, the app will give you the actual price tag of the product as well as the purchase history. You will also be able to customize customer emails and set them up to your liking.

Besides, you can set minimum and maximum price tags for an item to keep track of changes and get instant notifications of product price fluctuations.

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9. ‎Amazon Seller: Sell Online

If you have been wondering how to sell more efficiently, this app is for you. After all, this app provides you with a comfortable way to track your business. it gathers all the modern features that are incredibly essential to the modern merchant.

So, it includes a list of products promoted on the site, stocks, inventory, advertising, and other details that are critical to doing business on the site. Before you create your account, the service will prompt you to choose the type of account. That way, you can pick the best option for you, even if you are new to the business.

In addition, it is a professional account that gives the seller more advantages and options to increase sales, analytics, and marketing process automatization. So, there are tools here to help you get into the top sellers, find out the best prices, and keep track of your potential.

Amazon Seller9
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