15 Best Mobile Apps to Change Clothes on Pictures in 20242024

Taking pictures is a great way to capture significant events in your everyday life. However, in some cases things can get complicated, for example, unnecessary people in the frame or chosen not suitable look. For the last case, the best apps for clothes replacement come to the rescue, and we will talk about them today.

In addition, sometimes photos take up too much storage space in your device, so you can turn to Best Free Photo Storage Apps for that. Read more in our special article!

1. ‎Picsart

It is the perfect choice for a wide range of devices. The app is also one of the best photo editing software for quick picture editing on mobile devices. It contains all the basic functions for various purposes. For example, it is not difficult to edit a sweater or hoodie here. There is even a special tab for this purpose.

Press the button and the app will automatically select sections of the clothing. Moreover, there is a special brush, with which you can more precisely define the areas of editing. Then, you can overlay the desired image, or edit the colors, shade, tint, or overlay text. In addition, the program meets all the modern requirements of a mobile photo app.

Therefore, it is also suitable for any kind of processing. For example, you can create a collage of post-processed photos or an entire cover for a magazine. After all, there are not only various color corrections but also effects, stickers, text, and filters. Of course, each of the presented functions has profound capabilities, suitable for professional photo manipulation.

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2. ‎Combyne – your perfect Outfit

We have a different approach to photo processing. For example, if you have gathered a certain look, you can use this app. This is an absolute must-have for all stylists and photo enthusiasts. Here you can choose a look based on your actual closet, or you can take advantage of the app’s giant collection. In addition, the whole process takes a minimum of time.

So, you only use your device’s camera or gallery and add the available clothing items. Then you can attach a short description and select the desired category. Also, there is a nice canvas with your outerwear, shoes, accessories, and whatever you want.

In addition, you can choose a background for a picture, or you can pick a particular template on which it is convenient to place the outfits. In addition, this application is a whole social network for those who love fashion and style.

Users from all over the world share their best picks for streetwear, holidays, and cocktail parties. In addition, you can make a collage of the clothes you like, name and describe them, and share your fashion opinion with the whole world.

Combyne - your perfect Outfit2
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3. YouCam Makeup 

Perhaps this app is not the most obvious app for editing clothes. However, its rich set of brushes and functions make it perfectly applicable for this purpose. In addition, the app has a collection of ready-made effects and processing methods. Thus, on the main screen, you will find popular artworks that you can use for your processing.

And there are various contests in which you can participate and compete with other photography enthusiasts like you. Plus, there is an automatic retouching that determines the location of the face, eyes, nose, and lips. Therefore, the processing here is more productive.

For example, if you click on the eye icon, you will see a superb deal of editing and photo enhancement options. So, here you can add eyelashes, eyebrows, and eye color, remove bags under the eyes, enlarge the eyes, brighten them, add a double eyelid, and remove red eyes. Moreover, all this is located in convenient mini icons, through which it is easy to navigate.

YouCam Makeup3
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4. ‎Men Photo Suit-image Editor 

This app has a minimalistic interface and user functionality that allows you to superimpose different costumes and jackets on your photos. In addition, the app allows you to add your face to a photo and transform yourself by attaching different sets. To cut the face in the photo, you can use the zoom function.

It will allow you to control the size of the photo and accurately cut the desired body parts. In addition, you can find in the application different sets of suits and jackets that you will be able to apply to the photo. One of the nice features of this application is that you may use it even without an internet connection.

Also, the app allows you to save the result or send it to your friends. In general, this is an option for those who do not want to bother much with processing, and need to find a suitable formal suit.

Men Photo Suit-image Editor4
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5. ‎‎Facetune Editor by Lightricks

This is a fairly popular program that users use to remove imperfections on the face, even out skin tone, change the parameters of the figure or face, and blur the background. In other words, there are a million tools to improve the way a photo looks. And you control all the tools, their intensity, and focus.

In addition, the photos are natural and aesthetically pleasing, which is probably the most important thing. In the case of clothes editing, though, it works great too. Here you can automatically select a specific part of the photo and continue to process it in detail.

In addition, the app actively uses Artificial Intelligence technology, which approaches photo processing on a different level. In addition, you can try some attractive anime and cartoon-style effects here.

Moreover, there is a special button for the processing of clothing. So, you can choose the print, the color, and the intensity. And you can move the print around the whole photo and try spot editing.

Facetune Editor by Lightricks5
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6. ‎‎Photoshop Express Photo Editor

We have also added this familiar application to our review. It turns complex processing into something everyone can understand. So, here we have the essential functions such as cropping, rotating, zooming, blending, color changing, dropper, and much more.

In general, by selecting the desired segment of the photo you can modify it the way you need it. There are also additional features like stickers and themed text organized by categories. Also, you can combine and overlap objects here. And, there are sample images that you can apply to your project. These samples can be searched by keywords.

In addition, there are so-called quick actions, which help you automatically perform any operation with a single click. Moreover, there is a rich selection of canvases that are ready to be posted to different social networks. Also, there are themed collages prepared especially for all kinds of holidays.

In addition, you can try to use trending memes and various images as a project background. Plus, there is a button that allows you to view the original image and what you get with a set of filters and effects.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor6
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7. ‎Bazaart: AI Art & Photo Editor

Not only can you apply different clothes in this app, but you can also edit your photos with a huge number of tools. The application has a variety of photo editing instruments. You can easily remove unnecessary objects or people from any photo with the removal tool.

Also, you can delete the background manually or use the automatic function that does it all for you. In addition, the app has a huge collection of backgrounds for your photos. You can layer photos of the sky, interiors, or standard monochrome backgrounds.

Also, to make it easier to edit your photos, you can zoom in on the detail by double-tapping on it. In addition, you can change the color of your clothes in the photo or even replace them with another one.

You can save time with ready-made templates that have been created by professionals. Also, at the same time, you can create your templates and save them inside the app.

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8. ‎‎Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor

This application has standard photo editing features and will help you complete your tasks with ease. The app has plenty of features that will help you complete your task much faster, for example, thanks to the templates that are built into the app.

Also, the app uses 3D mapping algorithms that will allow you to edit the main object, foreground, background, and any things between them. In addition, the service automatically detects objects and highlights them, allowing you to quickly remove the background or object and overlay a new one.

Besides, the app provides you with color editing tools for your photos, allowing you to change the background of your clothes, objects, and more. You can apply frames or filters to many of your photos. Also, there are several creative tools available to you to help make timeless presets professionally.

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9. ‎Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor

This app uses artificial intelligence, which makes your editing much easier. The app has a rather interesting and nice feature that will help you get inspired and find the photo you want. You will need to describe in a few words your idea, which you imagine, and then the artificial intelligence will select photos for you.

In addition, the app has a fairly extensive functionality of photo editing tools. You will be able to fully control your editing process and use your photos, tone, color, vignette, fading, texture, intensity, and much more. In addition, you can speed up your photo editing with ready-made templates that you can modify and add your tools.

If you have not finished editing a photo, the app will save your photo session automatically and you can continue it later. Also, you can use photo blur, which is not present in every app.

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10. ‎‎Prequel: AI Art Avatar Editor

This app has quite an eye-catching interface and custom functionality to help you edit the clothes in your photo. When you enter the app, you are greeted by a bunch of ready-made effects and filters that are featured in your photos. You can browse through them and even choose a theme to find more appropriate tools for you.

From a photo you like, you can apply the filters directly to yours and adjust things if you need to. The app also has a standard set of tools to help you edit your photos the way you want. You will be able to create moving 3D images or add various effects to your photo. In addition, the app allows you to overlay music on your videos and trim your videos.

Also, you can change the color of objects and apply new tones on top of them. The application allows you to add text to the image and use different fonts for this purpose. In addition, you can add gifs, emoticons, and even stickers to your photos.

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11. ‎Skap

We are pleased to present the app clothing planner. It introduces you to stylish outfits and ideas. First of all, you can create your own unique and classy looks. With the help of artificial intelligence, which captures everything that you have in your closet. So you can take a photo of some dress and the program automatically removes the background.

Then it will offer you a new look based on what you have in the digital version of your closet. Also, based on your geolocation, the app offers you fashion picks from nearby stores. In addition, the program automatically labels clothes and organizes them by shelves, in other words, by categories.

Thus, the program suggests you use the clothes wisely and not buy something unnecessary. Also, there is a rather useful weather function. In your calendar, you can see the temperature outside the window.

So you can pick up clothes according to the season and the weather. In addition, you can save outfits and mark the dates when you plan to wear them.

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12. Acloset

This program helps you scan all your clothes, outerwear, shoes, accessories, various T-shirts, and jeans. So, it is possible to create looks from your closet. In addition, the program alerts you when the weather changes and lets you plan everything. In addition, there are several closets in which you can add things.

And there is also a tab with outfits that can be automatically generated depending on what you already have in your closet. In addition, this feature is quite accurate because it is based on your location and the weather in your region.

Also, you can always change your preferences, so the program will add new selections to suit your needs. In addition, there is a handy tool for organizing your clothes. You can not only add keywords, but also a small description.

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13. ‎‎Smart Closet – Your Stylist

This wonder app eliminates your frustration about not being able to pick the right outfit. It organizes your looks and clothes. It makes it a lot easier to get dressed in the morning. And it keeps you planning what you might wear tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or any day. This is where you assemble your collection.

Plus, it is simple to use. In the beginning, you will come across a quiz that will identify your style and what you have in your closet. Then you can create fashionable looks and change them depending on your needs. Also, there is a handy search that will save you from having to take pictures of your clothes.

Descriptions are already prepared here, so the app places them in the right group without your assistance. In addition, there is a built-in store with new trends and selections.

Smart Closet - Your Stylist13
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14. ‎‎My Wardrobe – Outfit Finder

This program fully corresponds to its name. It neatly arranges all the items of clothing from shoes to accessories on the shelves. Each group contains items of clothing matching the description. So, the program offers ready-made groups, still, you can create the necessary groups yourself.

In addition, the program offers a wide range of clothing descriptions. Therefore, a simple sweatshirt can be ascribed by its color, style, season, material, brand, size, price, and even the date of purchase. In addition, the program automatically gets rid of the background of the photo, so you get a closet just like in an online store.

In addition, there are statistics to help you keep track of what you have in your possession. Also, here you can create picks for events and sync them with your calendar.

My Wardrobe14
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15. Whering – Digital Wardrobe

This is another app familiar to all trendsetters. It contains the latest fashion ideas. So, by combining sweaters, pants, shoes, and accessories you get a ready-made image. In addition, the app offers a search by brand or item name. That way, you can even add something from your closet.

This is why this app is so beloved for its ability to the smart organization of your clothes. However, there are other features as well. So, for example, you can create custom designs, give them a brief description and save them to your profile. You can share your images and save them to your device.

In addition, you can find various useful articles on fashion, style, sustainability, and different trends. In addition, there is an intriguing feature that is supposed to pick up an unusual style. It works as a randomizer of clothes. In addition, you can pin these looks to try them out one day on yourself.

Whering - Digital Wardrobe15
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