Top 7 Apps to Convert Image to Black and White on Android & iOS

There is a wide variety of diverse filters for people with different preferences in style, coloring, and special effects. But what makes the black and white photos and the filter to convert ordinary photos or images into a monochrome unique? Specifically designed apps are created to cope with this task.

It is obvious that lots of applications comprise this function, enabling you to make a photo unforgettable and timeless. However, old black and white photos carrying this feeling of mystery were hardly saved and created in former decades. But nowadays, some modern in-built apps perfectly perform these functions and cost nothing.


This app provides the users with an inscribed black and white camera. To turn this option on, you don’t need to look at instructions or waste time searching for it by yourself.

Click on the camera, set the focus, and take as many photos as your device allows you. To enhance users’ control of the shooting process, there are some live-view functions.

The app offers a large store of creative tools for both designing and editing your ready-made images. In order to help perfectionists and other people come up with a unique and perfect photo, there are lots of valuable tools presented in the list: starting with retouching and finishing with moving some elements of the picture.

You can easily share your photos via any social network or through e-mail without exiting the app. While posting, you can put the hashtag of this app to show your closeness to Hypocam and belonging to this app’s users’ community. Be part of it and enjoy the process of creating something unique and memorable.

Every single aspect and part of your daily life is special. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture them and store them in your gallery or your social media account forever (or just for a definite period of time). Tell your story through black and white images and make people engaged in your life even remotely.

This app is free but offers various in-app purchases if you want to acquire some exceptional tools and other options.

Hypocam 1

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2. Black and White CameraBlack and white camera

If you’re a fan of monochrome photos and images – then you’re in the right place. This particular app provides you with old and vintage black and white pictures. Download this indispensable application and enjoy.

There is not only one way to turn photos into a black and white version. If you think so, then you’re wrong, and this app will prove it. Download the dark camera app and have fun. Do you want to take a photo at the moment? Then open your app, choose the preferable app and use it until you are satisfied with the results.

More than 40 diverse original filters are applied to match all the users’ preferences and desires about the appearance and quality of their taken pictures. Turn on the live camera filters to turn the photo into a more motion kind of itself, experience the moment if even it was several years ago.

If you want to capture the moment when you’re enjoying your life on the beach with your close friends, then click on the timer mode, set the time (after how many minutes the photo will be taken), and choose the most hilarious or cute posture with these people. You can either save it in your phone’s Cloud or print the image and put it into the album.

There are both selfie and back cameras, so you can simply even take the photo without using a timer. That means you can grab together and stand very close to each other, one of you will bring the phone and take the picture, where all of you will be present.

Black and white camera 1

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3. BlackCam Pro – B&W CameraBlackCam Pro

Various color filters are provided to boost your imagination and help you to decide which one is better to use in a particular case. Suppose you’re taking a photo of your mother climbing on the hill. Which filter will you choose, and what feelings do you want to convey by the picture?

Bright colored options from the long list of introduced filters are more suitable for more funny moments, whereas black-and-white ones provide the viewer with the sense of intimacy of that exact moment. Will it be a photo of lovers or a mother with her newborn child – they are both representing a very personal moment.

If you want to create something extraordinary, you can put the black (or another color) vignetting on your photo. That will also help you understand what part of the photo is clearly in the middle and what part of it you want to focus on. Add simulated film grain to create a feeling of an old film.

Export your photos to any existing social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many others. No pixels will be shown after the transmission. The images will be saved in the same quality as they were taken. If you don’t trust it, then download the application and check it by yourself.

BlackCam Pro 1

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4. LenkaLenka

A powerful app developed specifically for both professional and amateur users, who are on their path to becoming professionals in no time with the help of this application. Create magnificent images with high quality and impress people around you with your skills.

Choose the format of the photo by yourself. Set it manually by switching from rectangular format to square one. Decide which one is more suitable for your current case.

If you want to capture a bright white moon in the sky, it is better to stop at the square format of taking a photo to better transmit the sense of the moon’s major role in the image.

Edit the photo by adjusting the contrast, exposure, and other features of an image. Crop the parts you don’t want to see in the final version; rotate it as you prefer. You can even turn the photo as if your friend is walking in the sky. Surprise him or her with this work of yours and have fun together.

Tab the lightbulb icon to make your photo shine. It creates a feeling that somebody is standing behind your phone or any other device you’re looking at the photo from and highlights it privately. But the reality is not like this.

This free app allows the users to export the final results to any social media regarding their personal interests, whether you’re a professional photographer specializing on Instagram or just sending random black-and-white photos to your friends via Snapchat.

Lenka 1

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5. Dramatic Black & WhiteDramatic Black and White

Take pictures of ordinary scenes and turn them into unforgettable images. Use lighting, contrast, and many other features such as setting the grit and form. Combine all of them to create a unique story to tell your friends, relatives, or lovers.

No limits will stop you from reaching the state of creating individual works.

Achieve mastery by experimenting with the diverse options you are provided with by this application. Turn on the maximum light and let only the tiny, barely noticeable black lines cover your image. Create a feeling of a work drawn manually on paper.

Or put the grit in its maximum position to help you emphasize its extraordinary texture. Imagine you’ve taken the photo of the old carpet which belonged to your ancestors. To accentuate the fact of its antiquity, you are able to set the top position of the grit’s feature to succeed.

Let your photos transform into dramatic looks of the past and present on behalf of this free application.

Dramatic Black and White 1

Google PlayApp Store

6. Monokrom B&W Photo EditorMonokrom BW Photo Editor

Find a unique look that will suit any image you will choose so far. Turn on the maximum lights for your photo and emphasize specific details you want to point on. Help people notice it and understand your aims and goals for the taken photo.

Save the results in the same resolution as the photos have initially been. No particles will be missed or lost. Show your professionalism with the help of this application. High-quality photos, various tips, and tools for editing the images and creating something extraordinary, never seen before by your audience.

Any change you make at the moment is immediately saved in your app. You can simply open the same application on your other device and log in to your account to control your work process by looking at it from another angle. Open this app from wherever and whenever you want.

Discuss the photo with your friends and find some unconventional means to turn the picture into an exceptional image made by joint efforts. Have fun during these gatherings with Monokrom B&W Photo Editor.

Monokrom BW Photo Editor 1

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7. Argentum CameraArgentum Camera

This app allows you to shoot high-quality black and white images. There is no need to post-process the image. Just take the photo while walking down the street or wandering among the trees in the wood. Capture these beautiful and unforgettable scenes and cherish them as long as you want to.

Argentum Camera provides you with six diverse filters, each of which can be used for different purposes. Shoot Live Photos and save them in your Cloud to be able to watch them from any device besides the one you’ve taken the photo on. Show them to your friends and relatives and see them smiling.

Modern simple design makes it easy for the users to navigate through the application and not get lost. Search the filters and many other tools to create a unique image that will greatly appeal to your acquaintances or your audience on any social network.

The app offers two additional modes. The first one is the Street shooting mode, where you can tap on any part of the image to emphasize or just highlight it. And the second one is a Double exposure mode, where you are allowed to combine two separate images into one photo.

Download the app and enjoy it by yourself!

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