PingIt 1984 App Review

PingIt 1984 is a futuristic air hockey game, in pleasant purple halftones that are perfect for that intense shootout with discs. Gameplay is super simple – shoot the discs toward your opponent.

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PingIt 19841

The most important factor is that because of the large number of fast-changing enemy movements, sometimes it’s hard to calculate the correct trajectory of the ball, so you have to lose and start all over again.

This game has an interesting feature – every time you enter the game, you start over, that is, you play not for the passage of levels, and a single set of levels.

PingIt 19843

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For example, once you can go through 4 levels, and the next 10. But to make the gameplay easier the developers added the function of saving the progress after one level – after losing you can try again and again. So you can do until you run out of lives – there are three available.

PingIt 19842

A nice futuristic interface and cyberpunk atmosphere make this game enjoyable to play at any age. The music component is also on top of the game, creating a tense atmosphere in an already difficult game when seconds count, and absolutely everything depends on your reaction.

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