7 Best Snore Control Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Snoring is a widespread pathology occurring in the nasopharynx during sleep. In some cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor to treat snoring, but if this disorder does not bother you frequently, you can try to get rid of it on your own. Today, many apps monitor your sleep.

In this article, we have collected the best of them. We also recommend you the article Best Sleep Talk Recorder Apps which will give insights on your talks at night.

1. SnoreLab: Record Your Snoring

SnoreLab is a top-rated app that assists in snoring detection. The program itself is incredibly intuitive and designed in a highly user-friendly way. The only thing you are to do is to run it near your bed when you go to sleep. You will know your snoring score, the exact time, and the volume you snored at in the morning as soon as you wake up. The app will also record all the sounds you make while you sleep.

You can easily play back the sounds that you make and find out the time when it was. In addition, the application includes statistics on your sleep. You will be able to analyze each of your naps and estimate your snoring level. In addition, the app will also measure the impact of factors such as alcohol consumption.

The app works with many medical organizations so you can send your results directly to them from the app. It is also possible to send data via mail. It is worth noting that the app is not a medical device, it rather wants to help you with the analysis of your snoring. The app includes information about remedies for you to avoid snoring during the night.

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2. Sleep Tracker: Sleep Cycle & Snore Recorder

This app is also designed to keep track of your sleep and analyze the cycles when you make the most snoring noises. Well, the app wants to help you fall asleep quickly and easily, providing you with relaxing music before you go to sleep. Just put your phone next to you when you go to bed and the app will record all the sounds you make.

It will let you evaluate your sleep problems like unpleasant snoring or awakening during your sleep. Also, there are quite a several useful features in the app. And one of them is the smart alarm clock. You will be able to set the alarm for a certain time and get up with a pleasant, non-annoying melody to keep you fully functional during the day.

In addition, you will be able to analyze the impact of events and coffee, alcohol, stress, exercise, or late meals on your sleep. In addition, the app will give you accurate reports on all your dreams and, of course also, the problems you have been experiencing. It advises you to keep your battery level minimum of over 60 percent to have a more accurate record of your sleep.

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3. SnoreGym: Reduce Your Snoring

This is another cool program to train before falling asleep to avoid snoring. It features a friendly interface and well-illustrated tutorials. You can use this app to do anti-snoring routines to manage your patterns while you sleep. SnoreGym has developed a remarkable set of positive clinical activities for the muscles responsible for making this sound.

The app provides you with precise and clear teachings on how to perform the exercises. The SnoreGym advises you to do these exercises regularly to reduce your snoring. It is recommended that you take at least 10 minutes a day for some weeks. The app claims that this is enough to get rid of problems during your sleep. You can also analyze your dreams with this app.

In addition, you can record your well-being before going to sleep, pills or alcohol intake, and food consumption. This will allow you to analyze your state during sleep and estimate when you are snoring the most.

In addition, you will be able to synchronize with another app developed by the creators of SnoreGym. This app can fully evaluate your sleep and help you to solve the trouble with unpleasant sounds during sleep.

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4. Snore Free: Stop Snoring Gym, Deep Sleep Solution

This app has been developed by an expert physician, so it contains everything you need to completely control annoying snoring. The main focus of the app is on specially prepared exercises designed to get rid of this pathology. The app will offer you daily recommendations for strengthening the muscles of the oral cavity.

In addition, there are various meditations aimed at improving the quality of your sleep. You can also find out a lot more about the possible causes of the disorder. In addition, this app might also help improve your sleep phases and your overall well-being. For this purpose, the app will offer you to record your sleep data. This way you will get a brief analysis.

In summary, this comprehensive approach to treating snoring is complete with 49 video lessons and workouts. It claims that just 10 minutes a day of exercise is enough to make a significant improvement. In addition, you will be accompanied not only by videos but also by briefly chosen pieces of information. Each exercise has a brief annotation and a performance time.

In addition, every day you will receive a selection of articles aimed at maintaining healthy lifestyles. Moreover, it should be noted that the application is attractive in graphic terms. It is full of anatomical animation of the human body. Anyway, you would want to systematize your exercises thanks to the bright interface and clear navigation.

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5. SnoreApp: snoring & snore analysis & detection

This app deals with snoring control in a completely different way. It also offers you comprehensive solutions, but with slightly different features. First of all, it provides you with a diary to help you evaluate your sleep quality. Secondly, the app encourages you to set up a daily sleep record in which you can note factors that may affect your sleep. It may be alcohol or medication, smoking, or illness.

You will also have the option to mark positive factors that improve your sleep, such as special exercises and sprays. In addition, you will be able to set recording timers. One of them is a delayed start recording and the other one is the maximum recording time. The app will respond to your snoring with a vibration or sound signal while you are sleeping. It should eliminate you from this habit.

Besides, you will get a detailed analysis of the amount of snoring and sleep time after waking up. In addition, you will be able to listen to the recordings made by the app during the night. At the end of the month, the app will ask you to track your statistics on the changes in your night habits and the positive impact of the app.

Another advantage of this app is the ability to use all these features with a smartwatch to get even more accurate results. Users have also noted that the app is perfectly customizable. You can adjust the interface in the settings and adapt it to the time of the day. At the same time, you can turn on the automatic function of removing unnecessary audio files.

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6. Do I Snore or Grind 

If you have been wondering whether you snore in your sleep, this app is definitely for you. It is an app that will give you some kind of a test that will rate your nighttime habits. First of all, like the app above, it records your sleep so you can listen to it in the morning. This is how you will identify if you snore. If the answer is yes, then the app will suggest control measures.

First of all, it supports other devices to record snoring. All you have to do is connect via Bluetooth. Secondly, the app will offer to play sound signals or vibrations in case snoring is detected. You will also be able to adjust the recording sensitivity. This feature is ideal for those whose snoring is not too loud. Thirdly, there is a special smart alarm clock that will wake you up at the right phases of sleep.

All its settings are similar to the built-in alarm clock, but it can calculate the best time to wake up. Your sleep phases will later be shown on a graph with the time and percentage of snoring time. It will also allow you to analyze the habits that cause more frequent snoring. The app will suggest possible options itself.

Thirdly, there is a progress record. You can track the overall monthly history of snoring and external factors affecting it. In addition, you will have access to all of your sleep. They are stored in the Recordings section.

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7. Snore Control Pro

This app is perfect for you if you have trouble sleeping and snoring at night. It wants to bring sleep and snoring under control. This app uses artificial intelligence. It uses lots of snoring samples, which will allow it to easily rate your snoring. Then the app will give you accurate statistics on your problem.

All you have to do to get an analysis of your sleep is put your smartphone next to you and turn on the Snore Control Pro app. The app will eliminate noises and record only your snoring with the help of smart software. The app will automatically maintain statistics about your sleep and give them out when you wake up. Besides, for a total awakening, the app will produce a pleasant melody.

Also, the app provides instructions on how to properly place your smartphone when you go to sleep. Besides, you will be able to export your records immediately to your smartphone or share them with your friends or professionals. In addition, you can keep a diary to see the things you consumed before you went to bed, along with your mood when you wake up.

This will allow you to more accurately identify the problem and find a solution. As well, you can pair the app with Apple Watch, so when you will snoring the app will play a tactile sensation like a sound or vibration. This will help you realize whenever you are making unpleasant sounds. In addition, you can set a smart alarm clock and it will track all your movements while you sleep.

In addition to this monitoring, it also works in the background, you can leave the app on before you go to sleep, and it will record each night by itself. All you have to do is permit the settings to record sounds in the background.

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