9 Best Apps to Remove Glare from Photos (Android & iOS)

Best apps to remove glare from photos

Even the most professional photographer can’t ensure photos without blemishes. There can be flaws connected with a person’s skin, bad weather conditions, sun glints, and so on. Today we will talk about problems caused by bright light (flash, sunlight, etc.). The glare of bright light can be noticed in two …

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10 Cool infrared camera apps (Android & iOS)

Cool infrared camera apps

It is not necessary to be a superhero in order to have the ability to see everything clearly in impenetrable darkness. Due to the particular category of apps, this faculty can be available for everyone. So we begin to talk about infrared camera apps. To be honest, at the moment, …

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10 No crop apps for Instagram to upload full picture

No crop apps for Instagram to upload full picture

Do you want to make your Instagram profile much more appealing to the eye? If you do, this post is exactly what you’ve been searching for. The thing is that we have reviewed unique apps that will let you load photos to Instagram without cropping them. By the way, there …

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10 Best apps to unblur photos on Android & iOS

Best apps to unblur photos

Today we decided to talk about fixing blurry images. For this, you can use a variety of programs. And we’ve selected 10 applications to help you do that. Pixlr The free Pixlr photo editor is the best tool to realize your creative potential. With over 2 million completely free photo …

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9 Best eye candy apps for Android & iOS

Best eye candy apps

Selfies are very popular with all social networking users. There are many different styles and varieties of selfies. Even modern smartphones have improved functions for this purpose. Special applications can improve your photos. Thanks to them, you can quickly and easily remove all the disadvantages and highlight the advantages. This …

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11 Best green screen apps for Android & iOS

Best green screen apps

There are a lot of different video editing tools in mobile app stores. With them, you can create unique and amazing projects. If you need to change the background to video or photos, you can easily do so with these green screen apps. 1. Chromavid – Chromakey green screen vfx …

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10 Best apps to add tan to your photos

Best apps to add tan to your photos

How do you feel about adding some tan to your body on a photo? Well, if you are reading this post, we guess, you are not against using several tricks when editing a photo. Undeniably, there are quite many apps capable of making your skin tanned. In which cases will …

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11 Best remove braces apps (Android & iOS)

Best remove braces apps

If you are reading this post, you very likely have braces on your teeth. We guess, at the moment, it is so hard for you to imagine yourself without braces anymore. Consequently, this fact involves a question: what would you look like without braces? In case you want to see …

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9 Best Mirror apps for Android & iOS

Best Mirror apps

Nowadays, it is necessary to be on the ball every time. This applies to our appearance as well. So you always have to take a mirror with you, which is not convenient at all. Much better is to use your phone instead. Of course, you can use your phone camera …

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13 Best screensaver apps for Android & iOS

It may be disputable either we need screensavers on our devices in modern times, but actually that’s the matter of taste. We are using tons of other weird apps, so why don’t you add a personal touch to your phone with a cool screen saver app? Besides, it is useful …

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