11 Best Gamification Apps 2024 to Gamify Learning / Job

Gamification is a way to get people involved in an activity using the simple, familiar mechanisms of a game. Today’s article is a collection of the best apps that will tell you how to use this tool to improve your activities and life in general.

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1. Habitica: Gamified Taskmanager 

We all know about the usual tools of planners, but this app breaks all stereotypes. It is also an app that offers working mechanics for time management, and tasks in a simple game form. And it has its elaborate game world, which has its own rules of the gameplay and ways to level up.

The goal of the application is still to help the user complete all tasks on time, learn habits and keep track of daily tasks. So if you have a lot of tasks, the app will help brighten up your daily routine a bit. The creators of the app have turned the list of tasks into an exciting adventure, similar to computer role-playing games.

And each task on your list is an adversary, with whom you will have to fight with all your strength with several unique weapons. For each task you complete, you get experience and gold. The more experience you have, the stronger you are in the game and the better you are in real life.

At some point, you can even choose a type of character: warrior, brigand, doctor, or wizard. However, if the task is not completed, then the time counter is reset, and the character automatically loses health. Moreover, you can add rewards yourself, for example, performing a certain task will give you a certain amount of coins.

Habitica: Gamified Taskmanager1
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2. Duolingo: language lessons

This is one of the most popular and advanced foreign language learning applications. It is a unique platform that helps you learn many languages from Japanese to Spanish in a playful manner. Moreover, each lesson here consists of tasks on listening, translation, speaking practice, and grammar.

In addition, this app does not ignore theoretical material, which is almost in every exercise. Thus, millions of users practice grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. It is also worth mentioning that the app resembles a game in which you pass levels and gain experience.

In addition, the main advantage of this app is that everything is free. All materials and tasks are available to all users, you just have to do the tasks and pass the tests. Also, here is an enjoyable interface that corresponds to all modern standards. In addition, there is a whole set of different language courses.

There are lessons for English speakers, Arabic speakers, Bengali speakers, Chinese speakers, Czech speakers, Dutch speakers, French speakers, Greek speakers, Hindi speakers, Hungarian speakers, and more. In addition, the app tries a well-rounded approach to learning. So here you will find a super variety of ways to learn languages.

Duolingo: language lessons2
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3. Khan Academy

The purpose of this app is to provide you with a high-quality tool to help you prepare for your university entrance tests. When you sign in to the app, you will need to log in so that you can track your progress later. The app is completely free and is supported by many major companies.

The app has a tremendous amount of functionality, but its main function is to provide you with courses in all of the subjects you are interested in. Thanks to the Overview tab, you can choose the subject you want and start studying it. Each subject is accompanied by courses from beginner to advanced, so you can choose your preferred level.

Selecting a course will bring you to another tab where you can watch a video lesson and read more about it. Each video also comes with a narrative that allows you to navigate through the time codes and learn new material. You can add each course to your bookmarks and view it later. One of the handy features of this app is the Search tab.

With the search, you will be able to find everything you are curious about. The application will give you a huge number of videos that will help you understand your topic in more detail.

Also by adding the video material to your bookmarks you can download it via Wi-Fi and watch the courses offline. As you study the material, you will get energy tokens, thanks to which the app will encourage you to keep learning.

Khan Academy3
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4. Learn Coding/Programming: Mimo 

This is a cool app for learning to program right on any device. There are short, interactive, game-like lessons in all programming languages such as Swift, HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, Python, C#, and more. This way, the app will offer you only a few distractions a day to write code and learn new information about functions, parameters, and variables.

Moreover, there is a convenient registration through email, through your Google account, and registration via the social network is also available. After that, you can start doing daily tasks in the form of studying the code, which will show you on the rating table.

This table gives you a certain number of points and the number that you currently occupy. Furthermore, you can even be among the first and get extra bonuses, new access to courses, and so on.

In addition, you can communicate with like-minded people in the chat, discussing training issues. The principle of the application is simple – you only need to study the course regularly and pass the proposed tasks to master programming.

Learn Coding/Programming: Mimo4
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5. ‎‎Chineasy: Learn Chinese easily

This application will help you enrich your vocabulary and learn Chinese in a fun and easy way. The application provides you with a game format that will help you better absorb the studied material.

During the studying process, you are accompanied by an announcer who will allow you to listen to the individual signs or the whole sentence to understand how it sounds. You can also see detailed information about each symbol at the bottom.

If you are going through the lesson, you can skip some of the quizzes and come back to them later with another lesson version. Thanks to the function Speak you, the application gives you a mini-game with which you can improve your speaking skills.

Also, in the Overview tab, you can find the lessons that you have completed and strengthen your knowledge of the material you have learned. You can also take a quiz on the studied material so that you can check your knowledge of the past lessons. As you study the material, you will progress, which will increase the difficulty of the lessons.

Chineasy: Learn Chinese easily5
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6. StudyGe 

If you want to know more about geography and countries on the map, this educational app will make you feel great. Therefore, this app offers you to take quizzes and tests on the knowledge of the country names, their capitals, and flags. In addition, you will be able to receive bonuses.

The more correct answers you give, the more coins you get to help you pass the levels. In addition, the app will offer you different game modes. For example, there is not only a single-player mode but also a multiplayer mode. Also, here you can adjust the difficulty of the tasks.

In addition, the application is pleased with its design, which helps you to learn the countries and flags faster. Also, it is a kind of game where you can learn the location of the countries on the map, the capitals, and their flags.

Also, you can learn more about the ocean, such as about which ocean is the deepest and the largest. All in all, this is a simple app that can help you learn new areas easier. So, you can not just learn, but also have fun thanks to the bright graphics and modern interface.

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7. Programming Hero: Coding Fun

This application will help you simplify learning coding languages through playful functionality. When you enter the application, you are greeted by a pleasant interface and user functionality. The forum tab allows you to ask questions and chat with people about programming.

Once you start learning, you can choose a lesson that suits you, and then the application will take you into the game. While learning the material you can solve various problems and most importantly write your code. The application provides you with a Python compiler so you can write your code and solve problems.

In addition, the application provides courses for all levels of complexity through which you can begin to learn the material from your level of knowledge or strengthen the old material.

Also, to strengthen the material the application will provide you with a game format, which will help you think and improve the material you have learned in the form of a simple game. In addition, by solving the problems you receive rewards that increase your motivation to explore the material.

Programming Hero: Coding Fun7
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8. Focus Plant – Pomodoro forest 

This is a dramatically different experience than other programs offer. Here you can learn how to optimally concentrate on the things you need to do, such as work or study. This is where you will grow a good pet plant, which will grow depending on the level of attention that you devote to your work.

Also, here you will receive bonuses for completing your tasks. You can also designate a task that you will be working on during this period. In addition, the app will try to support you in this difficult journey. These bonuses can be spent on gardening. That way you will be more motivated to do your chores.

Besides, this app has become so popular that many users even compete in their successes. So, you can invite your friends and watch your group garden. Moreover, the app offers you to stay not only in focus but also social.

In addition, this app will even help you relax after a hard day at the workplace. All the hours you spend on tasks or work are converted into special bonuses that you can spend on discovering new locations, plants, or garden renovations.

Focus Plant - Pomodoro forest8
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9. Flipd: Focus & Study Timer

This is another program that invites you to stop procrastinating and start a whole new life full of activities and accomplished tasks. It is similar to the app above, but it offers a different interface and more functionality. At the beginning of its work, the app will offer you a unique quote that will help you stay focused on your motivation.

After that, the app will prompt you to complete your tasks along with a productivity timer. Moreover, the timer only works when you are in the app. So, it pauses the countdown and gives you time to rest. You also get notifications that remind you to return to the app.

In addition, you can track your progress level and how much you are improving over a week, month, or year. The app also lets you quickly add new tasks, set aside time for them, and see how long they took.

In addition, you can color-code important tasks here, so you can easily identify the most important tasks and the least important ones.

Flipd: Focus & Study Timer9
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10. STEPapp – Gamified Learning

This is a fascinating game tool in every possible area of learning. It has some subjects to study like maths and science in a cozy, competitive game format. Here you can prepare for exams in all subjects in the school program. This is a great study tool also because the game is free.

This is where you level up your knowledge. Moreover, this app is suitable for a different audience, both students and school students can compete in their knowledge.

In addition to the fact that there is a rich choice of disciplines, the subjects can be specified. You can compete in certain topics. This is a unique simulator that can be used before tests or exams, as well as to repeat previous topics.

STEPapp - Gamified Learning10
Google Play

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11. Bounty Tasker

We offer you a program that has a very unusual approach to the process of setting tasks. Everything here is in the style of the old RPG games. So, in case you want to make your tasks seem more positive and easy to accomplish this app is for you. It is also a kind of functional planner that allows you to organize your tasks and move towards your goals.

In addition, there are special bonuses that will allow you to accumulate experience and get new characters. You are responsible for the development of your skills during the quests – the progression is on the main areas: health and XP. The reward is an increase in the level of the character and its skills.

In addition, you can fight monsters and get more and more bonuses for completing tasks. Also, the application is notable for the fast setting of tasks. So there are tasks for the day, week, or month. Also, it offers you to mark the most important tasks with special tags. In addition, the app reminds you to complete specific tasks.

Bounty Tasker11
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