8 Free drink water reminder apps for Androd & iOS

Free drink water reminder apps

Drinking water is our vital need because it serves dozens of essential functions that keep us going. Each day people have to consume a certain amount of water to be healthy. The amount can vary depending on your gender and age. Nevertheless, generally, an adult man needs about 3 liters …

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LetterSchool – Learn to Write app review

LetterSchool – Learn to Write! – a very nice and most importantly very educational application. The program will interactively and tactically acquaint small gadget users with the letters of the alphabet of different languages of the world, numbers, forms, and learn to write and read the element written by them. …

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Resume Builder app review

Are you actively looking for work and you need to send your resume to potential employers? Do you want to distinguish yourself from other candidates and present a valid effective portfolio? Create a professional-looking resume with Resume Builder. Resume Builder is a powerful application designed to create the perfect resume. …

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10 Best interval timer apps for Android & iOS

Best interval timer apps

Do you still track the time yourself? With interval timer apps that are available on iOS and Android, this is no longer worth doing. Interval Timer - HIIT Training This reliable timer is ideal for both homework and workout in the gym. It can be used for running, cycling, weight …

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12 Best measure distance apps for Android & iOS

Best measure distance apps

To quickly measure any distances, you no longer need to make measurements and drawings. Just download one of the following apps: Measure Distance Map Measure Distance Map is a convenient app that you can use for all types of measurements. It gives accurate results and is extremely easy to use. …

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4 Best key finder apps for Android & iOS

Best key finder apps

Keys are considered to be a thing that is easy to lose. However, modern technologies can cope even with this everyday problem. The thing is that there are many GPS and Bluetooth-based devices for keeping track of various items, including keys. These devices have to be attached to the things …

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3 Best golf ball finder apps (Android & iOS)

Best golf ball finder apps

According to statistics, there are 300 million golf balls lost per year. Apart from this, an average golf player wastes about 24 minutes per round searching for a ball. These facts made us write a post with some apps to find a golf ball. Unfortunately, there are only a few …

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9 Best apps for amateur singers (Android & iOS)

Do you enjoy singing though you are not a professional in this sphere? If you do, we are ready to present to you some interesting content.  We have chosen the best apps for amateur singers. The post contains various apps aimed at improving your voice skills and learning the theory …

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AltaMail app review

AltaMail app provides a new way to view and manage your email. This program will allow you to collect e-mail from various accounts in a single mailbox, view the history of correspondence with the selected contact, save, open and even (when installing additional software) print letters and attachments. AltaMail, unlike …

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8 Best apps for learning guitar (Android & iOS)

Best apps for learning guitar

Are you a beginner in guitar playing? Or maybe you dream about playing this musical instrument but don’t know where to start? If it’s true for you, this post is exactly what you need. Modern apps are capable of fulfilling many useful functions, replacing a human. As you know, apps …

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