11 Best Apps For People With ADHD (Android & iOS)

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurological disorder that makes it extremely problematic for people to concentrate on anything for long periods. People with this syndrome often have problems with employment, attention span, and poor sleep. Today we will try to find the best apps for people with this syndrome.

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1. Toggl Track – Time Tracking

This service helps you monitor your productivity and keep track of how effectively you spend your time. The app can help you use your time as efficiently as possible. When you enter the application, you are greeted by a pleasant, modern interface. It allows you to start and stop time tracking with just one tap.

In addition, the app gives you the ability to add records when you track your time. Its interface allows you to create projects and tasks. There you can also add participants or distribute projects and tasks among existing users. You can set reminders and track different types of activity with built-in monitoring tools.

In addition, there is an option to quickly find projects and clients via the tagging system. There are detailed statistics with a lot of filters and detailed reports can be generated with visualization and sent to clients. Overall this is a great option for those who suffer from ADHD. You can use it to take control of your business.

Also, all your records will be in sync with the cloud the whole time, so you will always have them at your fingertips. In addition, you can view handy graphs and times of your activity. The program also provides you with a calendar, where you can record your important events and your free time.

In addition, it is worth noting that the application synchronizes with the built-in programs of your smartphone. This way you do not need to re-enter important data, such as appointments or birthdays.

Toggl Track - Time Tracking1
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2. Inflow ADHD

This program will tell you more about the nature of the processes that occur in people with ADHD. Here you can look at the symptoms that you may notice in yourself and seek help from a doctor on time. First of all, the app will ask you to take a short test to learn more about your situation.

Secondly, the app will offer you a personal virtual coach who will keep track of your day, habits, and time. Also, the app presents many useful articles for each day. In addition, there is a section where you can add a whole huge list of tasks. The visualization will help you focus on the small tasks.

In addition, there is a personal diary where you can add your feelings, emotions, and tasks and just share your thoughts. Overall, the app helps you better understand your behavior patterns and build healthy habits.

Inflow ADHD2
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3. PiCal: Visual ADHD Day Planner

This app gives you a full-featured calendar designed for ADHD. In addition, the app is also useful for neurotypical people. You will be able to visualize your calendar events, which will be displayed on a 24-hour dial presenting your entire day. By doing so, you can keep track of upcoming events using the dial’s countdown.

In addition, the app gives you the ability to add checklists to each event and simplify the to-do lists you need to do during the day. Also, for the most important events, you will be able to add some reminders so that you do not forget your tasks. In addition, the app has a time zone visualization feature.

You will be able easily to view what time of day your friends and colleagues from other countries are. In addition, you will be able to share your task list with your friends and relatives. The app gives you the ability to secure your data and set your Face ID when you sign in to apps.

PiCal: Visual ADHD Day Planner3
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4. My ADHD

This app has many tips for improving emotional well-being and treating ADHD symptoms. The app has lots of different methods with ideas and tips on how to get the most out of your activities. It invites you to be friends with the syndrome. Also, there is a detailed guide to everything the app can do and the different kinds of tasks it performs.

In addition, you can then an ADHD test, available for adults and children. The service then gives you detailed statistics about your symptoms and helps you progress and treat your symptoms.

The app supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. Also, you can use dark mode within the app so that you can use the app comfortably.

It is worth noting that the app is not a replacement for a health care worker, but only a way to help you deal with your emotional state and assist you in identifying your symptoms and further work with a doctor. This is why there are so many articles here that would be helpful for anyone to read.

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5. Productive – Habit tracker

This app is focused on helping you develop useful habits that will help you change your life. The app allows you to set personal goals, track your process, and focus on your activities. In addition, the app allows you to pause or end your goals when it suits you.

The service has many features to help you spread out your day and spend it as efficiently as possible. Once you set a goal, the app will give you various daily tips on your habits and monitor your completed tasks so that you get the best results.

In addition, you can improve your routine by completing various tasks and competing with other users of the app. Also, by completing your tasks, the app provides you with detailed statistics so that you can analyze your progress. In addition, the app has many articles for inspiration.

Also, you will be able to meet your goals by syncing the app with your Apple Watch. So it helps you move towards your goals more clearly and understand what you need to do today.

Productive - Habit tracker5
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6. MinimaList To-Do List &Widget 

This app has handy functionality to help you control your to-do list and keep your task diary. The app has custom functionality and a nice white interface. The distinctive feature of this app is the design, which is attractive because it is minimalistic. There are no distracting items here.

All the things you need. It will help you make your to-do lists and divide your tasks into subcategories. A very convenient function of this application is that you can install a widget of your tasks on the main screen of your smartphone, so you always keep all your tasks for the day at your fingertips.

In addition, thanks to smart reminders, you are always aware of your tasks and how much time is left until their completion. Besides, you can synchronize all your devices and perform tasks anywhere in the world. Also, you can use Siri to record a new task in your diary.

The app will automatically record your task and remind you of it after a while. You can protect your data, with a Face ID or set a password on the app. Also, the app synchronizes with your smartphone calendar, so you will always be aware of important dates.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the application offers you a brief tutorial which is located on the main screen. It will tell you about the basic features of the program.

MinimaList- To Do List &Widget6
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7. Freedom | Block Distractions

As we know, people with ADHD often have a distracted attention span. That is why we have added this app to our selection, which has very useful functionality to help you focus on your activities. With this app, you can be most productive, thanks to the ad and app blocker that the service offers you.

One of the nice features of the app is that you can connect all your devices, including phones, tablets, and computers so that you will not be distracted by unnecessary things. In addition, you can block the Internet with one button and enjoy peace. With the locked mode, you can give up bad digital habits and addictions.

In addition, you can include a variety of soundtracks to help you stay focused and productive. Among them, you can choose the most distraction-free music and get on with getting things done. Also, you can add various sites and apps to your blacklist and block notifications from third-party apps.

Freedom | Block Distractions7
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8. ‎ADHD Test – Adult

This application provides you with a test to measure symptoms of ADHD among adults. The test includes 6 questions that are the most appropriate for checking potential symptoms. Once you pass the test, the app will give you the result and describe your problem in detail.

Also, you will be able to save and track your test results and observe improvements over time. The app will provide you with detailed statistics in which you can more easily track your progression. In addition, you will be able to read short informative articles to expand your knowledge about ADHD and its symptoms.

Also, the app is designed to share your results with medical professionals. You will be able to send the result of the test directly from the app to any social network or send the result to the mail.

‎ADHD Test - Adult8
App Store

9. Morning Routine: Wake Up Alarm

One of the most important keys to success is setting a positive tone for the whole day in the morning. This is another app that fights schedule deviations and gets your day in order. It may help you control your sleep and make your day most effective and productive.

The application provides you with unusual functionality and a pleasant interface. You can start various meditations that will help in relaxing your mind. In addition, you can listen to daily affirmations that can change your mind with positive emotions for the whole day.

Also, the app provides you with a variety of morning workouts such as fitness and yoga that will help energize you. If you want to record your accomplishments and ideas about the future, make notes in a daily diary that the app offers you.

Through visualization, you get a sense of what you want to achieve and what it will take to do it. Also, you can set a cycle of alarms and wake up at a set time each day.

Morning Routine: Wake Up Alarm9
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10. Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker

This app provides you with a smart alarm clock. You can use it to analyze your sleep and detect snoring, talking in your sleep, coughing, and other side sounds. To use this app, all you need to do is put your phone next to you and sign in to the app. The app will then record your sleep.

In addition, after waking up, you may listen to the recording and find out what sounds you make in your sleep. Also, the app will attach detailed statistics about your sleep and how long you were in deep sleep. In addition, you can set an alarm clock and a soothing melody for waking up comfortably from sleep.

Also, the app offers many sleep stories, and sleep relaxation guides to help you fall asleep more easily. In addition, you can learn what events affect your sleep, such as drinking coffee, stress, eating late, and working out.

In addition, you may keep your diary and record how you feel before you go to sleep, so the app might assist you in finding a comfortable routine for you.

Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker10
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11. ‎Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks

Users like this app for its extensive functionality. So, besides setting tasks, and alternating work and rest cycles, you can also have to-do lists of tasks and subtasks here. Also, some beautiful statistics and graphs help users feel incredibly proud that the day was productive.

Also, it has a handy timer that helps you focus on tasks. So, you can set a time, like 20 minutes, that you devote to work, cleaning, or working out. All such concentration sessions will be recorded in your diary. In addition, there are ready-made sections in which you can distribute your tasks.

Each task is assigned a color or importance. Also, it is worth mentioning that the application synchronizes with all your devices. So your tasks will always be at your fingertips.

‎Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks11
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