9 Free Fake Text Conversation Apps for Android & iOS

There are applications for virtually everything – including ones that generate fabricated text conversations. Whether you’re aiming to pull off a harmless joke on a buddy or require a screenshot of a chat for a presentation, these applications provide a range of functionalities to assist you in creating the ideal dialogue. But that’s not all.

We all know how easy it is to send regrettable texts when inebriated. That’s why we’ll also offer 11 Best Drunk Mode Apps to Avoid Texting that can help you avoid those awkward post-night-out explanations. Stay tuned as we dive into these unique applications that add a whole new dimension to messaging.

1. ‎‎TextingStory Chat Story Maker

This unique app isn’t your regular messaging tool. It’s a creative playground, a place where you can write intriguing text conversations and transform them into engaging video stories. Whether it’s a suspenseful thriller, a heartwarming romance, or a hilarious comedy, TextingStory gives you the freedom to bring any genre to life.

What sets TextingStory apart is its seamless user experience. Just like any other messaging tool, you may effortlessly switch between characters and craft dialogue. But here’s the surprise – once your conversation is finished, you can transform it into a dynamic video with just a tap. It’s mobile storytelling at its best!

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. TextingStory is also compatible with Android and PC platforms, providing a versatile experience that transcends device limitations. This means you can start crafting your story on your phone during your commute and continue refining it on your computer when you get home.

In essence, TextingStory Chat Story Maker is more than just an app; it’s a narrative powerhouse designed to unleash your creativity and engage your audience in a whole new way. It’s a testament to how technology can revolutionize storytelling, ensuring its availability, is enjoyable, and incredibly immersive.

‎‎TextingStory Chat Story Maker1
‎‎TextingStory Chat Story Maker1
App Store
Google Play

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2. ‎‎Fake All – Call, Chat, Message

Fake All is an innovative app crafted to facilitate an incognito communication experience, enabling users to simulate phone calls, chat, and text messages without divulging their identity.

This app caters to a wide range of users, from those looking for a fun prank tool to businesses requiring anonymity for various professional scenarios.

Moreover, users can send an unlimited number of fake calls, chat messages, and text messages, providing a seamless experience. The app also provides an array of pre-written chat/text messages for quick use. However, users can also create their custom scenarios, enhancing personalization and user engagement.

Also, to protect the user’s identity, the app leverages advanced encryption protocols and does not store any personal data, ensuring maximum privacy. Users can customize contact names, ringtones, and even the timing of the fake communication for added realism.

Upon launching Fake All, users are greeted with a simple and intuitive interface. They can select whether they want to simulate a call, chat, or text message.

For calls, users can input a contact name, select a ringtone, and set a timer for when the call should occur. For chats and texts, users can either select from pre-written scenarios or create their own.

Fake All - Call, Chat, Message2
Fake All - Call, Chat, Message2
App Store

3. ‎‎‎ChatTales: Text Story Maker

ChatTales: Text Story Maker stands out from other text-based story-making apps on the market with its distinctive features. It provides an array of customizable options, allowing users to tailor their stories according to their creative vision.

Whether it’s choosing the perfect character names, setting the right mood with customizable backgrounds, or using unique emojis and GIFs to bring your narrative to life – ChatTales has got you covered.

But don’t just take our word for it. ChatTales boasts a loyal following of dedicated users who have found joy and creativity in the app’s features. Glowing reviews and positive feedback are a testament to the tool’s appeal and functionality, making it a must-have tool for anyone with a penchant for storytelling.

When it comes to creating engaging, interactive text-based stories, ChatTales: Text Story Maker truly shines. By providing an easy-to-use platform filled with customizable features, it offers users an unmatched storytelling experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting your storytelling journey, ChatTales invites you to dive in, unleash your creativity, and craft your very own captivating tales.

App Store

4. ‎‎Fake Messenger – Fake chat

At the heart of Fake Messenger is the ability to create convincing fake profiles. Whether it’s a celebrity, your boss, or an imaginary friend, you can design a profile to suit your prank perfectly.

Simulating conversations has never been easier. With Fake Messenger, you can create back-and-forths that are so real, they’ll fool even the most discerning eye. You have full control over the message content, giving you the freedom to craft your prank to perfection.

This app isn’t just for pranks; it can be an entertaining way to create fictional stories or a powerful tool for innovative marketing campaigns. Imagine creating a conversation with a celebrity endorsing your product – the possibilities are endless.

Fake Messenger stands out from the crowd with its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options. The easy-to-navigate layout ensures that anyone can use the app, while the customization features let you tailor every aspect of the chat, from the profile picture to the message timestamps.

One of the app’s standout features is its commitment to improving the user experience. Regular updates provide new features, and improved functionality, and fix any minor bugs, ensuring that Fake Messenger remains at the cutting edge of fake chat apps.

Fake Messenger takes user privacy and data security seriously. The app doesn’t store or share any of your fake conversations, and all data remains solely on your device. This commitment to privacy and security makes Fake Messenger a trustworthy choice for iOS and Android users alike.

Fake Messenger - Fake chat4
Google Play

5. ‎‎Fake Chat Conversation – prank

At its core, the app is a storytelling platform, providing a unique canvas for your jokes, memes, and fictional narratives. Whether you’re looking to prank a friend with a faux celebrity conversation or create a series of humorous memes, this application has all the tools you need.

The app stands out with its intuitive interface. It’s designed to mirror the look and feel of popular chat apps, making it easy for anyone to craft believable fake conversations. You can customize profiles, tailor messages, and even adjust timestamps to add a layer of authenticity to your pranks.

One of the prime characteristics of this app is its flexibility. Delight in the liberty to initiate individual or collective conversations effortlessly. Moreover, its compatibility with Android devices guarantees that you can devise your pranks while on the move.

However, the enjoyment doesn’t end with crafting fabricated conversations. Once your masterpiece is finished, you can capture a screenshot and distribute it among your pals. It’s a smooth journey, from inception to sharing, all confined within the application.

While the Fake Chat Conversation – Prank app is all about fun, it also prioritizes user privacy. The app does not store or share any of your created conversations, ensuring that your pranks and stories remain yours alone.

Fake Chat Conversation - prank5
Fake Chat Conversation - prank5
Google Play

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6. ‎‎‎Faker 2 – Fake Messages

In the expanding universe of mobile applications, Faker 2 – Fake Messages has carved a niche for itself with its unique proposition. It provides a platform for users to create highly realistic fake messages, offering an interesting and fun way to prank friends or even simulate scenarios for projects or movies.

Faker 2’s main goal is to provide a smooth experience in generating fabricated messages that closely resemble genuine ones. The application enables you to personalize dialogues and incorporate names, profile images, and timestamps, resulting in a simulated conversation that appears genuine.

The app caters to a wide range of audiences. It can be a fun tool for people who enjoy pranks and jokes. At the same time, it is also useful for filmmakers, students, or professionals who need to create mock-up conversations for their projects.

The user interface of Faker 2 is commendable. It boasts a clean and intuitive design that makes navigation easy even for first-time users. The process of creating a fake message is straightforward, with a clear step-by-step process guiding the users.

However, there is always room for improvement. The addition of a tutorial or a help section could further enhance the user experience, especially for those who are not as tech-savvy.

Faker 2 - Fake Messages6
Faker 2 - Fake Messages6
App Store

7. ‎‎‎FakeChat – Prank SMS Creator

FakeChat – Prank SMS Creator, as the name suggests, is a distinctive mobile application that allows you to create highly realistic fake text messages. This app opens up a world of fun and amusement. It’s an exciting tool for pranksters or anyone looking to add a bit of humor to their day.

First of all, FakeChat takes simulation to another level. It allows you to create convincingly real iMessage screenshots, complete with contact names, profile pictures, and timestamps.

Moreover, the app gives users the freedom to customize their fake chats fully. You can control every aspect of the conversation, including the message content, sender, and even the time messages are sent.

While there are numerous apps on the market, such as WhatsMock, Fake All, and Text Message Creator, that offer similar functionality, FakeChat stands out due to its focus on creating fake iMessage screenshots. This feature, combined with its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive customization options.

One of the significant benefits of FakeChat is its compatibility with different devices. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, you can download and use this app without any issues.

However, one potential pitfall is that the app currently only simulates iMessage chats. This limitation restricts its usage to those who prefer other messaging platforms.

FakeChat - Prank SMS Creator7
FakeChat - Prank SMS Creator7
App Store

8. ‎‎‎Fake B.T.S Text And Call

The magic begins with our customizable BTS texts and calls feature. Whether it’s Jin texting you a joke or Jimin giving you a call to wish you good night. You have the freedom to create your own BTS world.

The app also incorporates realistic background sounds during the calls, making your interaction with BTS feel even more authentic.

Want to receive a good luck message from J-Hope or a birthday call from V? The power is in your hands. Text BTS and Call Faker is not just about fan fantasies; it’s an app with endless fun possibilities. Prank your friends by showing them a text from Jungkook, set up alibis with a call from Suga, or pretend to be BTS’s newest friend!

What sets this app apart from its competitors is the variety of BTS-inspired messaging and calling templates you can choose from. Each template is carefully crafted to match the personalities of the BTS members. This provides an extra layer of authenticity to your experience.

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Google Play

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9. ‎‎Fake Messenger chatting-prank

Presenting the ultimate counterfeit chat dialogue prank application that takes practical joking to a new level. First of all, the app allows you to fabricate entire conversation threads with ease. You can create custom profiles, complete with profile pictures, statuses, and personalized ‘last seen’ timestamps.

Furthermore, distinguish yourself from the masses by having the capability to transmit counterfeit multimedia messages. Pictures, audio recordings, stickers, and even clips can be integrated into your jesting conversations for augmented authenticity.

Moreover, it is the pioneer in providing simulated group chat creation. Persuade your pals that they have been included in a group with their beloved stars or make them think they are part of an exclusive club.

What sets the tool apart from existing messaging apps is its advanced AI technology. The app’s AI can suggest funny, engaging dialogue based on your chosen theme, taking the pressure off you to be the creative genius all the time.

While the app is designed for fun, it’s important to use the app responsibly. Misuse of the app for purposes such as impersonation, defamation, or any form of harassment is against our terms of service and could result in legal consequences. We encourage users to use it for light-hearted pranks and entertainment only.

Fake Messenger chatting-prank
Fake Messenger chatting-prank9
App Store
Google Play