11 Best Price Checker Apps for Stores Like Wallmart

When there is an opportunity to save money, it is better to do it. Well, you might have wondered how to do it if you support this idea. So today we have gathered the top best apps to help you check prices in supermarkets or online stores. In addition, we also want our readers to eat healthily.

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1. Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker

This app lists discounts at major stores, and not just grocery supermarkets. There are also fashion and footwear stores, home improvement, and sports hypermarkets to suit all tastes. The service also offers to browse the catalogs of companies and view what may be of interest to you.

There are also special offers on major holidays. In addition, the app is convenient in the fact that it redirects you to the site of the manufacturer, or the store that appeals to you. So you can not only compare prices for products but also find cheap alternatives. Moreover, this service mainly focuses on one Amazon, so you can also track the price drops.

Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker1
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2. ShopSavvy

This service collects discounts and deals on groceries and popular everyday products from all possible big chain stores or online retailers. To find out about bargains on a particular product, you need to type its name in the search bar or find it in the appropriate category.

Moreover, you can easily scan barcodes and check the prices of specific products on the whole web. Also, we would like to specify that there is a registration, which will help the application provide you with the goods that you may be particularly searching for.

For example, there are big brands as well as hardware, clothing, household items, and things like food. In general, the program also allows you to save your favorite products or view the history of searching or scans with the help of barcodes.

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3. QR Reader

This is one of the best options to install on your phone. First of all, it is a fast and handy tool that gets the job done in seconds. In addition, it helps to scan the codes perfectly. You can also generate your barcodes. Besides, it is worth mentioning that even though the application is free, it has several key features.

Thus, the application is supported by all the latest versions of devices. Users note that its workability helps to scan something fast on the internet or in a store. In addition, you do not need to be connected to the Internet in some cases. Also, you can share the results of scanning in messengers and others services.

In addition, it is distinguished by the fact that the program scans photos with checks in your gallery or photos from the Internet and much more.

QR Reader3
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4. Amazon Shopping

The app tracks the cost of items in the largest store. It is the most crucial store for everyone who wants to buy high-quality closet items and gadgets at a low price. So here you can store things in different retailers in one basket and pay for your purchases from your account. In addition, there are many discounts and special offers.

So you can always pick a suitable product. Also, there is a search by category, which will help you quickly decide on the proper item. It is worth noting that this application offers you to register an account to use the service more conveniently. However, this service can also be used without creating it.

In addition, this site has sales promotions all year round. For the most famous events on the service, you can find things at awesome bargains. In addition, shopping here on your own is effortless. All you have to do is provide your personal information and you can wait for delivery soon.

Amazon Shopping4
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5. Price Comparison – Smartprix

This is another outstanding service that offers you to track, check and buy at the best prices. In addition, it is also a program that lets you not only track but also compares products all over the Internet. In addition, you can easily track the characteristics of the products of interest here.

For example, if you are looking for a new smartphone, the service can give you all the pros and cons, whether it is worth buying or not. Also, there is a convenient search that helps users from all over the world to disarticulate things by brand, type, store, and availability.

You can also put an Alert here, which helps you find out all the price drops. In addition, the service shows a linear change in price, so you can buy big purchases at a lower price. On top of that, there is a tab with special offers that run daily.

Price Comparison - Smartprix5
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6. idealo: Price Comparison App 

It is a service with a huge catalog of sellers who offer thousands of items. In addition, the search on the app is very convenient and fast and does not even require any special knowledge. So, you can search for a product either directly through the categories of the catalog, which you can find in a special tab of the application, or through the search bar.

Moreover, once you select a particular product, you will get a whole list of different stores where it is available. There you will see the prices offered by these stores. Also, here you can get acquainted with the requirements of purchase and delivery. In addition, there are sometimes discount coupons that you can use to get savings.

And also you can view the seller’s rating and see if you can trust this store or not. It turns out that you can choose the seller and the price of a particular product.

idealo: Price Comparison App6
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7. eBay, Wallmart & Ali shopping

This application is designed to help you compare all the major online websites, thus saving you money and time. It has very reasonable functionality and a user interface. When you enter the app, you are greeted by popular products on different sites. To find the product you want, you will be able to use the search.

Moreover, thanks to the filters, you can save time in searching for goods. The app will instantly give you the items you want at the lowest price. In addition, if you click on the product you enjoy, the app will take you to the product page where you can purchase the item.

Also, you can check the app to find hot deals and sales that you might be interested in. It is worth noting that the app only provides you with original products and items from popular websites. The app takes information from all major sites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Bangood, Walmart, Bestbuy, Asos, and so much more.

Ebay, Wallmart & Ali shopping7
Google Play

8. Barcode Scanner For Walmart

This app is straightforward in usage and offers you a barcode scanner for Walmart, which will make your mission of comparing prices on the Internet easier. You will be able to scan barcodes and then the app will redirect you to the product.

Also, the app makes sure to provide you with detailed information about the item, and its ratings, and provides you with reviews. In addition, you will be able to find many discounts and hot deals in the app that may attract you. Each item you scan is available in the app history, so you can come back to it later.

You also may add an item to your favorites so that you can purchase it later. A very convenient feature of this app is that it shows you a price comparison between Walmart and Amazon, and eBay. It shows you detailed price statistics and lets you decide where it will be most profitable for you to order from.

Barcode Scanner For Walmart8
App Store
Google Play

9. QR Code & Barcode Scanner

This scanner is a program that works with just one camera on your smartphone. Also, here you can scan QR codes and barcodes directly from the gallery, which is something you cannot help but appreciate. In addition, users of the program can check all possible codes, for example, a link to a social network, e-mail, and so on.

And in addition, you can get the price of a particular item all over the Internet. That way having scanned the goods you will get links to extensive marketplaces where this product can be bought at a lower price. Besides the application has several useful functions, and it does not take up much space on your smartphone.

QR Code & Barcode Scanner9
App Store
Google Play

10. ‎QR Сode reader & barcode scan

This application has a simple and handy QR and barcode scanner. The main features of this application are standard but extremely helpful. You will be able to scan almost any type of QR and barcode to find the product you need. It is worth noting that the application supports different types of barcodes.

In addition, the app provides a complete scanning history, so you will be able to go back to the items later. In case of successful scanning, the application will accompany you with a sound and a pleasant vibration. It is also possible to scan codes from an image in the gallery by just uploading a photo to the app.

QR Сode reader & barcode scan10
App Store

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11. Barcode Scanner

This is a free and worthwhile application. In addition, it handles its tasks quite powerfully and efficiently. Moreover, the scanner app reliably reads any format of information. In addition, it has several interesting features. Besides the fact that you can scan any information, you can also generate codes yourself.

Thus, it creates QR codes for text and other types of information that you may need. Another feature is that it saves your scanning history. So, you can always look up the products that you are looking for. In addition, it is remarkably simple to use the program. After all, you only have to open your smartphone’s camera.

Moreover, the results of the scan can be shared with other users, that is, you can share via social networks or messengers. In addition, you will get a link to all the popular marketplaces where you can track prices.

Barcode Scanner11
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