7 Best Trail Running GPS Apps for Android & iOS

Running is the most accessible and healthy form of physical activity. Practice running is essential and easy. Moreover, it is enough to have comfortoble and sport clothes.

In this article, we will tell you about the best apps to help you make your activity more effective. Moreover, we recommend you try another outdoor activity. Read more in the article Best Mountain Biking Apps.

1. Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more

This app has a bright design and a sophisticated interface for jogging, cycling, and hiking. It is a top choice for all active lifestyle enthusiasts. After all, there is a workout feed, access to any app community member, and customization of your profile. First of all, the app offers to record runs for which you will need an app with GPS enabled.

Of course, you can view basic running statistics here. Also, you can see how much time has passed and how much you have already managed to overcome during your run.

This service also allows you to automatically combine your track and photos taken during your workout into an interesting video. The video shows your route, places, and photos taken at these points. This is how the app will show you the video it made automatically.

It is a 3D video of the run, with a visualization of the terrain, photos, and statistics. It is a kind of space for active sports fans, where you share your running stories.

The app stores the necessary statistics of your running and visually shows the dynamics of changes. It is primarily a tool to visualize your workouts with a social network where people with your passion are gathered.

Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more1
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2. Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

Today we also want to show an app for beginner runners. Although, the app is not so much about running as it is about activity in general and the need to lead an outdoor lifestyle. However, it can count steps while walking, record jogging, hiking, dancing, and even yoga. All you have to do is choose your type of activity.

Its main advantage is that it works in the background as a pedometer, taking into account your activity throughout the day. All you have to do is keep your smartphone with you all the time. So, it records the number of steps, the distance walked, the calories burned and the time spent running or walking.

In addition, all your activities will be displayed on a map. After a long workout, you can open the app and see how much you have overcome. In addition, as soon as you sign up for a profile, the app offers you to join your in-app group right away if you wish.

This way, you can track and follow the progress of other users, as well as monitor the progress of each activity. It is also more like a social network.

It offers wide customization of your profile and the focus of your workouts to suit you. For example, someone needs to jog, someone needs the exact number of steps, and someone needs to lose weight and build abs.

Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker2
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3. Adidas Running: Sports Tracker

It is a full-fledged running GPS tracker and training diary. Here you have access to running goals in the form of challenges and a huge social network for runners. In addition, the app offers you to synchronize your activity with smartwatches of different brands. It also can connect various smart devices and heart rate monitors to the app.

Besides, a distinctive feature of this app is that each run is converted into points, which are used in the Adidas store’s club system. Its interface and functionality put it on a level with the cool popular running and activity apps, and it also stands out from the rest.

It publishes the results of your workouts and the workouts of your friends to whom you are subscribed. It also features various articles about health, nutrition, and running. Additionally, there are articles on how to make your workout more productive.

Moreover, the assistant app offers you a personal daily workout with detailed descriptions of what you need to do. On top of that, the program gives you detailed statistics on your activity, which you can view daily on a convenient chart.

adidas Running: Sports Tracker3
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4. Komoot: Bike Trails & Routes

Turn your next trip or hike into an adventure. The app will help you plan your hike as well as plot your route. With the help of voice-activated GPS navigation assistance, you will be able to set points on the map and keep your eyes on the road. In addition, you can use the app offline and download maps in advance and plot a route.

A variety of hiking trails, single tracks, paved roads, mountain bike trails, terrain, and land cover can be found on the map. In addition, you will be able to add photos and leave your impressions of the walk or hike. The app will record each of your routes within the service, so you can always go back there again.

In addition, the app will allow you to follow your friends and watch their outdoor adventures. Also, the service allows you to add a route at home from your computer and then view it on any phone.

Komoot: Bike Trails & Routes4
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5. ‎‎Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS

Discover many different routes around the world. You will be able to use the app in different areas of your life. The app positions itself as an assistant for running, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, and up to 80 different activities. You can add your routes to the map and set waypoints.

Also, the app gives you the ability to take pictures of your route and upload them to your app account. In addition, you can use offline topographic maps around the world, which are great when you are in the mountains or traveling without an internet connection. On top of that, you can share your location with family and friends while you are hiking.

Family or friends will be able to track your route in real-time and where you are going. In addition, the app provides you with detailed statistics about your hike or sports activity. You can view it in a convenient table, as well as monitor your progress.

Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS5
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6. Gaia GPS: Offroad Hiking Maps

This is an app for building and tracking routes with the ability to save them to the cloud. You can add any tracks from your computer and then view them on any phone, or vice versa. Several map layers are available in the app, including topographic and satellite, which are useful for offline work.

There are basic navigator features available in the free version of the app, which is enough for full-fledged orienteering. Also, you can find out the slope and elevation of the nearest terrain and build the best route for you. In addition, you will be able to use the app for camping. The map shows campsites and nature reserves that you will be able to route to.

The app will record the route you traveled, so you can always find your way home. Weather forecasts will help you stay informed about changing conditions. You will also be able to connect with a voice assistant who will coordinate you on your way.

Gaia GPS: Offroad Hiking Maps6
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7. Running Coach: Run & Walk

This app provides you with a personal assistant and coach through which you can keep track of your running and walking performance. The app is user-friendly and has a nice interface. When you enter the app, you get a real-time GPS tracker. You will be able to set your route and view it as you run or walk.

Also, the app will keep statistics including altitude, pace, calories, and more. The app will allow you to view your progress in a handy chart and see how you are improving. In addition, the app will help you stick to the route you set with a handy voice assistant. Moreover, it will give you motivational tips that will help you to concentrate on your goals.

In addition, you will be able to view the route that you have walked or run and how many kilometers you have covered. In your profile, you will find charts showing your peak activity, which will allow you to understand how much you are progressing.

Running Coach: Run & Walk7
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